Power Metal from Argentina

Mas Alla Del Umbra Boanerges - Mas Alla Del Umbral (independent) 2003

1. "Heores en Soledad" (6:06)
2. "La Gran Batalla" (5:44)
3. "Castillo Fuerte (Ein Feste Burg, Martin Lutero)" (1:02)
4. "Imerios y Reinos" (6:10)
5. "Soldiers Under Command" (4:55)
6. multimedia section

Boanerges is surprisingly good power metal with female vocals. I had heard another release by this band some years ago, but don't remember it being quite this good. The band is tight, the recording is clear yet has a heavy edge, and the songwriting is catchy without coming off as commercial. Boanerges almost have a prog metal sound, but I wouldn't describe them as a prog metal band. Unfortunately the lyrics on this disc are all in Spanish, except for their cover of Stryper's "Soldiers Under Command." I would assume from what I have read about this band that their lyrics focus on Christian themes, but since I can't really decipher the lyrics, I can't say for sure. Guess I will have to keep an eye out for the other Boanerges discs.

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