Moonflower Lane Boarders - The World Hates Me (Retroactive) 2009

1. "True Rebellion” (3:57)
2. "Baptized With Fire” (3:53)
3. "Schmertzgarten” (4:25)
4. "Never Alone” (4:22)
5. "In My Darkest Hour” ( 6:16)
6. "Jump For Joy” ( 4:12)
7. "For What It’s Worth” (3:07)
8. "Deliver You Back To Hell” (4:13)
9. "W.P.D.” ( 3:25)
10. "Till Life Do Us One” ( 3:57)
11. "The World Hates Me” (5:24)

Boarders are an Italian heavy metal band that are a hybrid of styles. "The World Hates Me" features a blending of melodic sensibilities and aggressive thrash influences. Songs like "Schmertzgarten" and "Deliver You Back To Hell" showcase the bands thrash and speed metal influences. The band wears their influences on their sleeve at times, and even play tribute to one of their biggest influences with a cover of Megadeth's "In My Darkest Hour". However, a more melodic aspect to the band is showcased on the straightforward metal direction taken on songs like "True Rebellion" and "Jump For Joy". With these songs, Boarders has more in common with AC/DC than they do with Megadeth and Metallica. On other songs like "Baptized With Fire" the band successfully mixes both styles together.

Vocalist Egi has a good range and does well on both the thrash and traditional metal numbers. Album opener "True Rebellion" has Egi signing in a high range, with a slight bit of grit in his voice. On my first listen I was reminded of an Australian band that was quite popular last year called Airbourne. "Never Alone" is the one ballad on the album. This melancholy song features female vocalist Mariangelo Scafati sharing lead vocals duties. Eli gives an incredible vocal performance on this song, belting out a high pitched scream towards the end of the song that would rival Geoff Tate in his prime. For the heavier numbers such as "For What It's Worth" Egi adds more harshness to his voice, almost sounding like a different singer. On "Baptized with Fire", where Boarders melds together their thrash and classic metal influences, Egi's vocals give the band a sound not unlike some of the great speed metal bands of the past like Agent Steel, Realm and Toxik. Guitarist Gigi lays down some choice chops and catchy riffs that makes the melding of styles work well together.

"The World Hates Me" was originally released in 2007 on independent German label Quam Libet. The CD was finally made available in the US in January of 2009 by Retroactive Records.

R-Exstence Boarders  R-Existence (Roxx) 2013

1. Prelude (:49)
2. The Agony of Lying (5:13)
3. Signs of Resistance (4:35)
4. Vengeance Is Yours (4:11)
5. 4th Reich (4:15)
6. Pure Gold (3:38)
7. Lightbringer (5:29)
8. Sixth Out of Five (2:16)
9. Cause of Life (5:07)
10. Meet My Heart (4:28)
11. To My Father [instrumental] (2:50)
12. A Warm Place [instrumental] (2:27)
13. Pure Gold [Acoustic] (3:09)
14. This Time (2:48)
15. Deliver You Back to Hell [demo] (4:03)
16. For What It's Worth [demo] (3:01)
Soft-Fail System demo
1. Chains (3:44)
2. Farewell To All (5:11)
3. No Heaven On Earth (5:02)
4. Some Rage (3:48)
5. Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? [hidden track] (4:00)

Boarders, the former Megadeth cover band from Milan, release their long-awaited follow-up to their 2009 release, "The World Hates Me". The band members are Egidio Casati (vocals & rhythm guitars), Luigi "Gigi" Civardi (lead guitar), Oskar Sasso (bass) and Roberto Agnelli (drums). The album title comes from merging resistance and existence. "R-Existence" was originally released as a digital-downoad only album in 2012 before being picked up by U.S. label Roxx Records for a proper CD release. It's also interesting to note the Jeff Waters of Annihilator guests on the album on the track "4th Reich".

Though they are generally regarded as a thrash band, neither "The World Hates Me" nor this follow-up are straight-forward thrash. Rather, Boarders are a hybrid mix of different genres of heavy metal. They blend speed and thrash metal with classic metal, some bits of groove and a whole lot of melody. Boarders tap into their  roots, and the Megadeth influences still show through, though they are in no way a clone. After a short intro "The Agony of Lying" kicks things off. The song is one of the more straight-foward speed metal songs on the album. The song boasts a crunchy riff and Egidio Casati's raspy vocal approach. The song is in memory of a judge who fought against organized crime and uncovered the link between the mafia and the Italian government. He was ultimately killed. Much of the lyrics on "R-Existence" deal with social issues with a Christian-influences outlook.

The follow-up track "Signs of Resistance" is more melodic while "Vengeance is Yours" sport a more groove-oriented riff. "IV Reich" is a heavy, up-beat speed metal song with a definite groove. "Cause of Life" is built around a big, heavy riff that is sure to get heads to banging. Though most neo-thrash bands wouldn't touch a ballad with a ten foot poll, Boarders aren't afraid to get in touch with their more melancholy side. "Pure Gold" is a ballad with a heavy emotion, while "Sixth Out of Five" is a more progressive ballad that mixes heavy riffs cascading with eerie pianos and acoustic guitars. Cheesy radio ballads these two songs are not. The final song on the original album is a beautiful acoustic instrumental titled "To My Father".

The Roxx Records CD also includes five bonus tracks. "A Warm Place" is an instrumental in the tradition of Joe Satriani. The acoustic version of "Pure Gold" features female vocals that remind me of the queen of metal, Doro. "This Time" is morose ballad. The last two songs are 2003 demos. Both tracks have a definite Megadeth vibe. Overall, a nice package and plenty of extras to entice those to buy the CD who might have already downloaded the album.
The first 100 copies also come with a bonus CD that includes four original demo songs that are very Megadeth influenced, as well as an unlisted Megadeth tribute song.

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