I have had several people who have asked me to just list the bootlegs on a seperate page since it is too hard to go through all the band names when searching for cds for trading purposes. So, this list is for trading purpose only. I do not sell bootlegs!

I only trade for other discs that I am wanting, so if you have a disc you want to trade, contact me. For complete track listing, details, and/or to see the cover art, go to the individual band pages. Unless otherwise noted, all my bootlegs are original silver CD's. I have MANY bootleg videos as well that are not listed on this list since I have no way of trading these.


Aerosmith-Paul's Mall, April 22, 1973(CDR) A
Aerosmith-Rattlesnake Shake Recorded live in Cincinnati, OH 10/10/73 A
Aerosmith-Michigan Palace, Detroit, MI April, 14 1974 (CDR) A-
-My Fathers Place, Long Island, NY July, 2 1974 A
Aerosmith-Cleveland, OH August, 23 1975 (CDR) C
Aerosmith-Look Homeward Angel Music Festival, Central Park NY, August 29, 1975 (vinyl transfer/CDR) A+

Aerosmith-Central Park, New York, NY 1975 (CDR) A
Aerosmith-Offenbach West Germany, December 24, 1976 (CDR)
Aerosmith-Sumit Theater, Houston, TX July, 25 1977 (CDR) 2 discs B
Aerosmith-California Jam 2, Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA March 18, 1978.
Aerosmith-Agora Ballroom, Chicago, IL, March 23, 1978.
Aerosmith-Get Your Lead Out Mama! Veterans Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio, March 24, 1978
(vinyl transfer/CDR) A
Aerosmith- Tower Theater, Upper Darby, Philadelphia, PA March 25, 1978 B+
-Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, March 28, 1978. B-
Aerosmith-Texxas Jam, Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX, July 4, 1978 A
Aerosmith-Live in Toronto, Canada 7-2-79
Aerosmith-Boston Garden, Boston, MA, December 3, 1980
Aerosmith-Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA, December 31, 1984
Aerosmith-Worchester Centrum, Boston MA, March 12, 1986 B
Aerosmith-Civic Center, Hampton, VA, November 17, 1987
Aerosmith-BBC Live in London
1990 A
Aerosmith-The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, January 19, 1990 A
Aerosmith-Live USA Vol. 1 Monsters of Rock Festival, Castle Donnington, England, August 18, 1990. (CDR) A
Aerosmith-Boston, MA April, 1990 (2 discs/CDR)
Aerosmith-MTV Unplugged at Ed Sullivan Studios, August 11, 1990 (acoustic set)
Aerosmith-Great Woods, Mansfield, MA, August 27, 1993 (CDR)
Aerosmith-Struttin' My Stuff Recorded live in Brazil, January, 21 1994
Aerosmith-Principale Studios, Madrid, Spain, June 9, 1994 (acoustic set) A
Aerosmith-Naval Museum Garden, Stockholm, Sweden, June 29, 1994
Aerosmith-The Forest National Theatre, Bruxelles, Belguim October, 31 1993 A
Aerosmith-The Forest National Theatre, Bruxelles, Belguim 10/31/93 (different tracks than above) A

Aerosmith- Woodstock 25 Year Anniversary, Saugerties, NY, August 13/14, 1994.
2 discs A+
Aerosmith- Mama Kin Music Hall, Boston, MA December 19, 1994 (CDR) 2 discs)
Aerosmith-Donnington, England June 4, 1994 (CDR)
Aerosmith- Mankato, MN, November 7, 1998 B+
Aerosmith-Roar of the Dragon Tour, Osaka Dome, Osaka, Japan December 31, 1999
(CDR) 2 discs A+
Aerosmith-Live in Toronto 2001 (CDR) 2 discs A+
Aerosmith-Just Shake Live Live at Sapphire Convention Center, Orlando, FL, June 14, 2001 (CDR) A+
Aerosmith-Live Tonight! Recorded live at the Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, WI, July 7, 2001 A
Aerosmith-VOL.2 (Imtrat : imm 40.90176) various live tracks. A+
...Tracks 1-9: Recorded at Winterthue, Switzland, August 31st 1990
...Tracks 10-12: Hampton Civic Center, Hampton City, VA, November 16, 1987
...Track 13: Monsters of Rock Festival, Castle Donnington, England, August 18, 1990.
Aerosmith-VOL.3 (Imtrat : imm 40.90177) various live tracks. A+
...Tracks 1-3: Hampton Civic Center, Hampton City, VA, November 16, 1987
...Tracks 4-7: Central Park, New York, August 29th 1975
...Tracks 8-13: My Father's Place, New York, July 2, 1974 (?)
Aerosmith-Singles & Soundtracks various b-sides and cuts from soundtracks. (CDR) A+
Aerosmith-Demos & Live Rarities various live and demo tracks (CDR) A+
Aerosmith-BBC Live in London
(CDR) A+
Aerosmith-Classics Live! Unplugged
...Tracks 1-5 were recorded live at 40 Principale Studios, Madrid, Spain, June 9, 1994.
...Tracks 6-10 were recorded live at MTV Unplugged at Ed Sullivan Studios, August 11, 1990.


Angel - Live Hiroshima Japan 1977 (CDR) Live in Kenmin Taiikukan, Hiroshima, Japan 2/7/77 (CDR) B
Angel- White Heros
(Swingin Pig/GE035SP) Live in Fresno, CA 5/10/78 A
Angel- Blowing Great Guns (OH BOY/2-9111) Live in Fresno, CA 5/10/78 A
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(same show as White Heros only the complete show)
Angel - Long Beach, CA 1980 (CDR) A


Black Sabbath- Star of India (The Jeff Fenholt demos) A+
Black Sabbath- Live Murder Act I & II (2 CDR) A
Disc one features Dio recorded live on the "Heaven & Hell" tour.
Disc Two Recording live in Reading in 1983 featuring Ian Gillan.


Blackfoot- Live in Tampa, FL March 2, 1995 (2 CD) B
also includes two excellent studio tracks 'Texas Flood' and 'Wrapped Up in Love, Again'.


Cinderella-Live recorded on the Heartbreak Station Tour 1990 (this is the same show that was partially released officially in Japan as "Live Train to Heartbreak Station" but is the complete show. A+
Cinderella-Ancient Pieces early demos/excellent sound quality A+


Alice Cooper-Go to Hell/Live in San Diego , CA 1990 actually recorded in various locations between 1975-1978 A+
Alice Cooper-Live USA recorded live in Saginaw, MI 10/9/78 with a few songs being recorded in various venues. A+


Ace Frehley-The Warehouse Live at the Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY Feb., 23, 1990 (cdr bootleg) A
Ace Frehley- Live, Houston, TX 3-26-94 (cdr bootleg) A
Ace Frehley - Rare & Raw (CD-R) (various demo tracks) A+
Ace Frehley - The Other Side of the Coin (various demo tracks) A+


Peter Gabriel-King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents a Peter Gabriel Retrospective A+
Genesis Live in London 1975
Peter Gabriel Live at the Bottom Line 1978
Peter Gabriel Lice at the Royal Albert Hall 1988


Halford - Live: Disney House of Blues Concert Recorded live 2002 (DEP/CDR bootleg) A+


Impelliterri-Live in Tokyo 1988 (777 Records/CDR) A+
Impelliterri-On Air East, Japan, July 13 1998
(777 Records/CDR) 2 discs
Impellitteri-Live! Fast! Loud!
(N.E.M.E.) 1998
various live tracks recorded from Japan Tours in 1995 and 1996. A+


Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes (CDR) A+
Iron Maiden - Maiden Japan
Recorded live in Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 5/24/81 (complete show/CDR) A+
Iron Maiden - Seven Deadly Sins Recorded live in Gothenberg, Sweden, 10/1/88 2 discs A-
Iron Maiden - Reunion Recorded live at Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, 7/16/99 (CDR) 2 discs B
Iron Maiden - Virtual Insanity (2CD) Recorded Live in Osaka, Japan,12/21/98 2 discs A-


Judas Priest-Concert Classics 1979 A+
Judas Priest-ABC Defenders
, Live at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA May 5,1984 A


Kiss-Kissin` Time In San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 1974 A
Cleveland, OH 1975 B

Kiss-Rock and Roll All Nite,
Live in Toronto, Canada 1976 (Big Music) B
Kiss - The Lost Alive II Album Live in Japan 1977 (CDR)
Kiss-Auckland 1980 (2 discs) A-
Kiss- London, England, September 9, 1980
Kiss- Leichester, England, October 24, 1984
Kiss-Detroit, MI, December 8, 1984 FM (CDR) (2 discs)B

Kiss-LIVE/DEMOS - Nashville, TN, January 11, 1984 FM (CDR)
Kiss-Detroit, Cobohall Dec. 12 1984
(2 discs) A
Houston, TX, January 31, 1985 SNDBRD (CDR) B
Chicago, IL, January 17, 1986 (CDR) (2 discs) C+
KISS - Monsters of Rock Recorded live at the Monsters of Rock Festival, 1988, Germany (CD) A
"Destroy The U.K." Donington, England 1996 B+
Kiss-Nashville, TN April 28. 2000
(CDR) (2 discs) B+
Kiss-Nagoya, Japan 2001
(CDR) (2 discs) A
Kiss-Recorded live at the Journal Pavilion, Albuquerque, NM, June 16, 2004 (2 discs) A+
Kiss-Recorded live at the DTZ Energy Music Theater, Clarkston, MI June 30, 2004 (2 discs) A+


Led Zeppelin-Melancholy Danish Pageboys Falconer Theatre, Copenhagen July 25 1979 (CDR) A
Led Zeppelin-Listen to this Eddie Inglewood Forum, California 6/21/77 (CDR) 3 discs A


Metallica-Bay Area Thrashers (ACD/154.431) A-
Metallica-Dynamic Live/Live in Canada 1989 (Amcos/Japan/DL22) B
Metallica-Seattle, WA, August 28, 1989
(CDR) (2 discs-no art)
Metallica-Austin, TX, June 20, 1993 (CDR) (2 discs-no art)
Basel, Switzerland, June 20, 1993
(CDR) (2 discs-no art)

Metallica-Unplugged (cdr bootleg) A
Track 1 was recorded at Virgin FM Studios, Longon 11/97
Tracks 2-9 KSJO Studios, London 12/97
Track 10 BBC Studios, London 11/97
T tracks 11-12, Bridge Benefit, Mountain View, CA. 10/97


Mortification-Australia 1992 (CDR) B
Mortification-Distarnished Priest (CDR)
Recorded live in Denver, CO 1995. B+
Mortification - Conquer the Stump (CDR) Recorded live at the Blackstump Festival, Appin, Australia 4/10/03 B
Mortification - Total Thrashing Death (CDR) Recorded live Easter Friday at the AGMF, 2004 B+
Mortification - For His Kingdom (CDR) Recorded live at Carrum Downs, Australia, May, 19 2004. B+


Ted Nugent-California Jam 2, Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA March 18, 1978. A


Overkill-Hello From the Gutter Live 1989 (2 radio shows during their Europe Tour). A
Overkill-I Hate Live in Allentown, PA 1990. A
-Elvis is Dead Live in New Jersey 1992.


Joe Perry Project - Do The Talkin Project Recorded live Milwaukee, WI 1980 B
Joe Perry Project - Live 4-9-82
Recorded live at Uncle Sam's, Hull, MA 4/9/82


Stryper - Live in Japan Japan 1985 (CDR) A+
Stryper-Live in California Recorded live in Concorde, CA, 10/3/85 (CDR) 2 discs B
San Diego, CA 3/14/86 (cassette tape) B
Stryper-Tokyo 1989: Burning Flame Live
(777 Records/CDR) A

Stryper-Anaheim, CA 6/21/91 (cassette tape) B+
Stryper-Brockton, MA 11/27/91 (cassette tape) B+
Stryper-Cornerstone 2001 Recorded live at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL July 7, 2001 (CDR) 2 discs A


Thin Lizzy-Soldiers of Fortune Reading Festival, England August 27,1977 (cdr) B+
Thin Lizzy-Should Have Been in By 10, Live at the Rainbow, March 29, 1978 (cdr) B+
Thin Lizzy-Boys Are Back In Town: Live In Australia,
.................. Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia, October 1978
(Nippon Crown CRCL-7001) B
Thin Lizzy-Out on Bail Live in Preston, Europe 1980 (cdr) B+
Thin Lizzy-Deluxe BBC Files (Five Dollar Records/141)
2 discs A+
Thin Lizzy-Final Lightning Recorded live at Hitchin, January 26, 1993 (cdr) A+
Thin Lizzy-BBC Radio One Live in Concert (Winsong/BBC)
1983 Reading Rock Festival A+
Thin Lizzy-Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit) recorded between 1972 & 1977 A+


Tourniquet-Live in Concert 1996 (CDR) A-
Tourniquet-Live in California Fevrier, CA 1998 (CDR) A


Stevie Ray Vaughan-Last Farewell 1990 (Swingin' Pig/cdr bootleg) A
Stevie Ray Vaughan- Live at the El Macambo (cdr bootleg) Toronto, Ontario Canada July 11, 1983 A


Ultimatum-Live Extemities 1996 (CDR) Albuquerque, NM 1995 A-


Vinnie Vincent-Guitars from Hell (unreleased studio tracks) A
Vinnie Vincent-Prepare to Invade
(demos recorded between 1983 & 1986.) (CDR) A


Yes-Quasi Mystical Vision Live at Roosevelt Stadium, NJ 6/17/76 (cdr bootleg) A
Yes-Wembley Arena 1978
Live at Wembley Arena, London 10/28/78 (cdr bootleg) A+
Yes - Dramashow 1980 Live at Madison Square Garden 1980 (CDR)
Yes-Masterworks 2000 Masterworks performance in Camden, NJ
7/17/00 (cdr bootleg) A+

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