Boston is an American hard rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that achieved its most notable successes during the mid-to-late 1970s. The band was centered on guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter, and producer Tom Scholz. Despite having one of the biggest and fasted selling debut albums of any artist in rock and roll history, the band only put out two albums in the 70's during their heyday. They eventually put out another studio disc in 1986 then again in 1994 and 2002. A few 'best of' discs have also been released over the years. Boston was essentially the creative vehicle of guitarist Tom Scholz.

Brad Delp, the lead singer of Boston, was found dead on Friday (3/9/07) in his home in southern New Hampshire. He was 55. For several tours in the 2000's Stryper guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet became the band's vocalist. A Boston fan from North Carolina, USA named Tommy DeCarlo was also chosen to sing for the band based on his performances of Boston cover songs on his MySpace page.  In 2009 Stryper recorded a cover of Boston's "Piece of Mind" with Tom Scholz featured on lead guitar.

Boston Boston (Epic) 1976

1."More Than a Feeling" (4:45)
2."Peace of Mind" (5:02)
3."Foreplay/Long Time" (7:48)
4."Rock & Roll Band" (3:00)
5."Smokin'" (4:20)
6."Hitch a Ride" (4:12)
7."Something About You" (3:48)
8."Let Me Take You Home Tonight" (4:13)

The favorite album of every classic rock station across the globe, all of whom I swear have forgotten that the band has three other releases out. In any case, you can turn on the radio on any given day and hear "Smokin'," "Rock & Roll Band," and "More than a Feeling." Despite that this is still a great listen when I am in the right mood. This was also one of the fastest and biggest selling debut albums in the history of pop music for almost a decade.

Don't Look Back Boston - Don't Look Back (Epic) 1978

1."Don't Look Back" (5:58)
2."The Journey" [instrumental] (1:46)
3."It's Easy" (4:27)
4."A Man I'll Never Be" (6:38)
5."Feelin' Satisfied" (4:12)
6."Party" (4:07)
7."Used to Bad News" (2:57)
8."Don't Be Afraid" (3:50)

The long awaited follow-up to one of the fastest selling rock albums of all time. "Don't Look Back" is a great record, and one that didn't take 10 years to record. (Long awaited follow-up! Ha Ha! No one knew what a joke that actually was.) Apparently Boston main-man Tom Scholz wasn't happy with the final product, being the perfectionist he is, but the record company insisted on new product. I am not sure what he was unhappy with as "Don't Look Back" is one of the finest classic rock albums to come out of the 70's. The almost Queen-like guitar tones, the Thin Lizzy-esque guitar harmonies and the infectious songwriting from Brad Delp and Tom Scholz make this CD one of my all time favorites.

Boston - Third Stage (MCA) 1986

1. "Amanda" (4:16)
2. "We're Ready" (3:58)
3. "The Launch" [instrumental] (2:55)
4. "Cool the Engines" (4:24)
5. "My Destination" (2:19)
6. "A New World" [instrumental] (:37)
7. "To Be a Man" (3:30)
8. "I Think I Like It" (4:07)
9. "Can'tcha Say/Still in Love" (7:14)
10. "Hollyann" (5:09)

As if it were 1978, Boston comes out with another squeaky clean hard rock monster in 1986, nearly eight years since their last record. Strange thing is it doesn't really sound any different than the first two either. "Amanda" was the big hit from this record. For those who care, no synthesizers were used in the making of this record. OK! Who cares, as long as it sounds good.

Walk On Boston - Walk On (MCA) 1994

1. "I Need Your Love" (5:33)
2. "Surrender to Me" (5:34)
3. "Livin' for You (4:58)

Walk On Medley
4. "Walkin' At Night" (2:02)
5. "Walk On" (2:58)
6. "Get Organ-ized" (4:28)
7. "Walk On (some more)" (2:55)

8. "What's You Name" (4:28)
9. "Magdalene" (5:58)
10. "We Can Make It" (5:30)

Disc #4 is more of the same glossy AOR and is just as good as "Third Stage" although no where near as rockin' as the band's first two albums. "Walk On" was the first Boston album to not generate a hit single. This was most likely because grunge and alternative were the flavors of the day in '94 and glossy production and melodic hard rock were not the 'in' thing. Killer packaging complete with all the 'who's' and 'what's' of the recording process, complete lyrics and one of the best covers the band had put out yet. The booklet also includes addresses for various different animal rights groups. According to the notes, part of the proceeds from buying this cd, went to those organizations. Hmmmm. Oh, and if anyone still cares, this one doesn't use digital equipment either. YA!

Boston - Corporate America (Artemis) 2002

1. "I Had a Good Time" (4:15)
2. "Stare Out Your Window" (3:19)
3. "Corporate America" (4:37)
4. "With You" (3:28)
5. "Someone" (4:10)
6. "Turn It Off" (4:37)
7. "Cryin'" (5:19)
8. "Didn't Mean to Fall in Love" (5:14)
9. "You Gave Up on Love" (4:22)
10. "Livin' for You" [live] (5:07)

Boston is the band that puts out one album every decade or so, yet they still consistently sound like Boston. Slick and glossy stadium rock (AOR) with layered vocals, crisp guitar tones, and politically correct lyrics. Seems that 'ol Tom has become a crusader for more than rock-n-roll and has taken on the roll of a new age, environmentalist preacher. Such phrases as "Shoot With Cameras, Not With Guns" and "Vegetarians Rock!" adorn the inside of the cover. Vegetarians rock? Uh, OK, whatever. There are even web sites listed for PETA and other animal rights groups. So, I don't suppose Boston will be doing a tour with Ted Nugent any time in the near future. Musically, Tom Scholz and company have not run far from the last two albums. The songs range from melodic rockers, to more melancholy songs, to very intimate acoustic moments. There is even a live version of "Livin' For You" that was originally recorded for the "Walk On" CD. The vocals this time 'round are delivered by a rotating cast of singers including, Fran Cosmo, Boston mainstay Brad Delp and new female vocalist Kimberley Dahme. Despite this, the overall album is as consistent, if not more so than "Walk On". I am not sure that Tom could ever compete with his own masterworks from the 70's, but "Corporate America" is a good album and I can't imagine fans of this band will be disappointed.

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