Bronx Casket Co.

Doomy, gothic metal band formed as a side project of Overkill bassist D.D. Verni.

Bronx Casket The Bronx Casket Co. (Massacre) 1999

1. Who Lives Forever" (5:55)
2. Change The World" (4:42)
3. Mercy Ltd." (5:56)
4. No Miracles" (5:18)
5. Vampire War" (8:22)
6. I Am God Here" (4:38)
7. Savior" (4:52)
8. Alone (Chanson Pour Les Immortels)" (7:58)
9. Jump In The Fire" (5:13)
10. The Bad Guy" (7:48)

My initial interest in this project was, of course, that it was a side project of Overkill's rhythm section, D.D. Verni and Tim Mallare. However, I had also heard that Bronx Casket Co. is a goth band, a style I am not a real big fan of. However, upon hearing this disc for the first time, I would disagree with the "goth" tag, although certainly there are things that some may associate with that style. What we actually have is doom metal with some keyboards thrown in to make things interesting. Several times I thought to myself, "if this isn't a Black Sabbath riff, it should have been." The music is actually pretty darn compelling. What threw me for a loop, however, is the vocals. It took me a few listens to get beyond the haunting howls that seem so at odds with the music. Once past that, however, I really began to enjoy this disc. I especially liked the cover of Metallica's "Jump in the Fire." The band took several liberties with the song that really made it interesting. The guitar solos were pretty tasty on this song to the credit of guitarist Jack Frost (Metallium/Savatage/Seven Witches). Bronx Casket Co. is an interesting side project. Certainly not as interesting to me as D.D.'s main band Overkill, but an good listen none-the-less.'

Had my CD personally autographed by DD Verni when I saw Overkill in Sept. '05.

Hellectric The Bronx Casket Co. - Hellectric (Regain Records) 2005

1. "Little Dead Girl" (4:13)
2. "Everything I Got" (4:22)
3. "Dream of Angels" (5:28)
4. "Sherimoon" (4:41)
5. "Bleed with Me" (6:08)
6. "Motorcrypt" (2:43)
7. "Let My People Go" (6:02)
8. "Free Bird" (9:00)
9. "In My Skin" (5:09)
10. "Can't Stop the Rain" (5:57)
11. "Mortician's Lullaby" (3:30)
12. "Live for Death" (5:24)

I must confess that I don't particularly like any sort of Goth metal. Even bands like Type O Negative have never really done anything for me. However this album is not typical goth. Actually, I would describe "Hellectric" as vampire doom. (See there , I just invented a new class of metal!) Honestly though, this album really does host a ton of different styles, but the basis seems to be doom. The best way to describe this music is dark, creepy, atmospheric and heavy, even with the heavy keyboard usage. The vocals add to the creepy feeling of the music. Vocalist Spy has a voice that can be deep and menacing, yet isn't growled whatsoever. Being that half of this band is the rhythm section of Overkill, you might expect there to be some similarities. For the most part, if I didn't know that DD Verni was the man behind this project I would not have guessed it. There really aren't to many similarities and only album closer "Live for Death" reminded me slightly of Overkill. Then there is guitarist Jack Frost, known for his work with bands like Seven Witches and Savatage. Again, there are no similarities at all to any of his bands either. Actually, I am having a hard time coming up with anyone to compare them to. These guys are a unique breed and for that I am impressed. A big highlighs for me was the incredibly cool version of Skynyrd's "Freebird". The band took a ton of liberties with this track, and somehow managed to make an otherwise upbeat song into a slow, haunting doom track. I was also amused by the use of the Munsters theme at the end of "Bleed With Me".

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