Casus Belli
Symphonic Power Metal from Athens, Greece.

Silver Step Child Casus Belli - In the Name of the Rose (Limb Music/SPV) 2005

1. I'm Your Master" (3:34)
2. Vengeance Is My Law" (4:04)
3. Holy Gates (In The Name Of The Rose)" (3:32)
4. Diamond Crown" (3:50)
5. Edge Of A Knife" (4:31)
6. Initiation (Promised Land)" (4:19)
7. Isolation" (3:30)
8. Naked King" (4:34)
9. Wrongly Right" (3:26)
10. Eastern Dance" (3:40)
11. Whispering" [instrumental] (2:38)

Yet another band determined to shun all trends in musis and carry the flag for true metal. Casus Bellic are absolutely reliving the glory of 1980's traditional heavy metal but manage to do so without sounding stale or being a clone. One of the big metal web sites have Casus Belli labeled as "symphonic power metal". While I have not heard all this band's material, judging from this one CD alone, that lable is entirely inaccurate. That label is best held for bands like Nightwish and Rhapsody. Rather, Casus Belli have more in common with bands like October 31, Twisted Tower Dire and Primal Fear. "In the Name of the Rose" is chock full of speedy guitar licks, fast double bass and powerful vocals. The intensity of this album begins at the opening of "I'm Your Master" and doesn't let up until "Edge of A Knife", which is a mid-paced rocker with a killer hook. The speed and intensity picks back up with "Naked King" again. This blend of speed and power pretty much remains throughout the rest of the CD, save for the short, melodic instrumental outro. What else can I say. Casus Belli are an almost perfect blend of power metal and speed metal. If either of those float your boat, then do yourself a favor and check this release out.

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