Cauldron Born

Born of the Cauldron Cauldron Born - Born of the Cauldron (Stormspell Records) 1997

1. Crusader (6:57)
2. The Sword's Lament (5:06)
3. Synchronicity At Midnight/A Baying Of Hounds (6:40)
4. Imprisoned With The Pharaohs (6:57)
5. The Final Incantation/In The Dreaming City (5:30)
6. In Fate's Eye A King (8:26)
7. Born Of The Cauldron (5:34)
8. Unholy Sanctuary (7:21)
9. Lucifer's Hammer (3:12)

Cauldron Born are an American heavy metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  "Born of the Cauldron" is a 2007 re-issue of an independent album recorded in 1997 that sounds like it was written and recorded in 1984. The spine on this CD re-issue labels Cauldron Born as "U.S. Epic Barbarian Metal". I'm no sure exactly how 'barbarian' this album is, but I will agree to the rest. Their sound is epic, majestic heavy metal that reminds me of early Fates Warning ("Spectre Within/Awaken the Guardian"), classic Crimson Glory, Heathens Rage and even early Flotsam & Jestam. The album is packed to the hilt with galloping, heavy riffs, speedy guitar licks, pounding drums, tight rhythms, soaring high-pitched vocals and sophisticated songs. All the key elements for a heavy metal classic are here. Of course "Born Of The Cauldron" is also filled with every metal cliché possible. That may be a bad thing for some, but those who appreciate classic heavy metal for what it is, will find the entire thing overwhelmingly enjoyable.

Had "Born of the Cauldron" been released in 1984 on Metal Blade Records it would be considered a heavy metal classic by fans. Instead "Born Of The Cauldron" was released on Underground Symphony in 1997 and went largely un-noticed though it became an instant collector's item with a cult follwing. This album was definitely born fifteen years too late. Thankfully, in 2007 Stormspell Records saw fit to remaster and re-release this gem with added bonus track, "Lucifer's Hammer", a Warlord cover (and another 1980's Metal Blade band). Only 1,000 numbered copies and a handful of promos were released for this second pressing.

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