Cherry People

Cherry People Cherry People (Heritage Records) 1968

1. "And Suddenly"
2. "Girl on the Subway"
3. "On to Something New"
4. "Imagination"
5. "Mr. Hyde"
6. "Do Something to Me"
7. "Ask the Children"
8. "I'm the One Who Loves You"
9. "Don't Hang Me up Girl"
10. "Light of Love"

My interest in this band stems from the fact that this was Punky Meadows' (Angel) introduction to the world. Having been an Angel fan for decades now, I had yet to hear this album. However, after finally scoring a copy on vinyl and excitedly placing the record on the turntable, I was more than disappointed. This is boring pop-rock album bringing visions of The Brady Bunch or The Partridge Family. Each and every song is steeped in happy bubblegum harmonies. Visions of Ned Flanders for sure! I can't even imagine a fan of 60's pop enjoying this. Nothing more than a collector's item for the Angel fanatic.

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