Children of Tragedy

Something Wild Children of Tragedy (independent) 2004

1. "End of Days" (3:38)
2. "Everything" (4:04)
3. "Floods of Cleansing" (4:13)
4. "Depreciation" (5:17)

It's cool to hear an independent band that sounds as good as Children of Tragedy. This four song EP is quite impressive. The band is hard to pigeon-hole, as far as a label, as their sound is pretty unique. They blend equal parts brutality and melody, taking their influences from death and thrash metal as well as more traditional metal. I even think I hear a bit of an industrial influence here and there. I suppose the best way to describe this CD is melodic death metal. Metal fans who prefer their music fast and faster, this CD won't disappoint. From beginning to end there is ton of speed. However, there is variety as well, not only in the tempos, but in the riffs and even the vocals. For the most part the vocals are of the love, gutteral, metalcore variety, however the band mixes in some clean vocals here and there. I look forward to hearing a full length CD from these guys in the future.

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