Solo band of Nuclear Assault/ex-T.T. Quick drummer Glenn Evans.

In the Red C.I.A. - In the Red (Combat) 1990

1. "Extinction" (3:09)
2. "Natas" (3:25)
3. "In the Red" (3:46)
4. "Buried Alive" (3:06)
5. "N.A.S.A." (3:55)
6. "Mind Over Matter" (3:04)
7. "Flight 103" (3:46)
8. "Moby Dick Pt. 2" [instrumental] (2:10)
9. "Turn to Stone" (2:58)
10. "Samantha" (3:50)

Solo disc number one from master of ceremonies, Glen Evans. "In the Red" is pure thrash metal but is very unlike the hardcore/thrash crossover of Evans' Nuclear Assault. The title track probably comes closest to the Nuclear Assault sound and is a fast thrash/crossover number. "Moby Dick Pt. 2" is a drum solo, obviously inspired by the late, great John Bonham. The song ends with a bit of Zep's "Moby Dick". "Extinction" is probably my favorite track on the disc, with a Motorhead sound. Brilliant? No. The best thrash disc ever recorded? Probably not. Fun? Absolutely. This is a very good disc.

Attitude C.I.A. - Attitude (Progressive) 1992

1. "C.I.A." (3:40)
2. "Attitude" (4:04)
3. "Time" (4:37)
4. "Hammer of the Gods" (3:08)
5. "Insecurity" (2:52)
6. 'Status Quo" (3:10)
7. "Suicide" (3:01)
8. 'Flattery" (2:41)
9. "No Shame" (2:39)

C.I.A. is essentially the brainchild and solo project of Glenn Evans' (T.T. Quick, Nuclear Assault). Glenn handles the bass, most of the guitar, the drums and the punk-tinged, shouty vocals. Musically what we have here is hardcore tinged thrash metal with tons of guitar solos, as performed by T.T. Quick guitarist Dave DiPietro. "Attitude" is sort of Bay Area Thrash meets New York urban heavy metal with a tinge of punk rock in the delivery. At times I was reminded of early Megadeth. Quite frankly this is not an album that will send jaws most to the floor, but an enjoyable disc nonetheless. The most memorable track in the first couple listens was "Hammer of the Gods." I listened to this CD at 5:30 AM on the way to work one morning and had that stinkin' chorus ringin' through my head all day long.

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