New York City Heavy Metal!

Cities (LP) Cities (CD)
Cities - Annihilation Absolute
(Metal Master Records) 1986/2004
Cities - Annihilation Absolute
(Metal Blade) 1986

1. "Stop The Race" (4:02)
2. "Fight For Your Life" (3:29)
3. "Burn Forever" (3:45)
4. "Not Alone In The Dark" (3:35)
5. "Cruel Sea" (6:03)
6. "In The Still Of The Night" (4:50)
7. "Innocent Victim" (4:46)
8. "Shades Of Black" (3:41)
9. "Deceiver" (5:18)

Having come from the East Coast, Cities are one of those bands I remember from back in the day that had a big buzz going around about them. They were certainly underground favorites even before putting out an album with their demo being widely circulated. Having Twisted Sister drummer AJ Pero as part of their band certainly helped the buzz as well. When I origially purchased their first album back in the late 80's, I believe it was originally only a six song EP. Eventually the album was picked up by Metal Blade, new songs were added and the album was re-released internationally. I believe the cover art was slightly modified from the original release to the Metal Blade release as well. "Annihlation Absolute" is an excellent heavy metal platter that borders the line between early speed metal and classic power metal. Pure testosterone injected, aggressive, East Coast, denim & leather, guitar blazin', heavy metal. It's a shame that this was the band's only release.

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