Conspiracy in Mind Communic - Conspiracy in Mind (Nuclear Blast) 2005

1. "Conspiracy in Mind" (7:38)
2. "History Reversed" (6:49)
3. "They Feed on Our Fear" (9:54)
4. "Communication Sublime" (7:28)
5. "The Distance" (8:08)
6. "Ocean Bed" (6:45)
7. "Silence Surrounds" (11:00)

I have to admit, I've grown bored with most prog-metal bands. The genre is no longer 'progressive' and all begins to sound trite and samey. Someone suggested I check out Communic, comparing them to Nevermore. Well, the comparison peaked my interest so I had to check them out. For the most part, Communic sound nothing like Nevermore. However, what they have in common is that they both have a sound that is uniquely their own without being completely bizarre. "Conspiracy in Mind" contains seven epic length songs, each having incredible depth, complexity, power and intensity. Nothing here feels contrived, artificial, or tacked on as a filler. The band utilizes a mixture of progressive melodies, sweeping clean passages and heavy, stomping riffs to create something quite unique. Rather, "Conspiracy in Mind" is solid, dynamic, progressive heavy metal. Despite the fact that most of the songs on this CD are longer than seven minutes, I never found myself wondering when a song would be over.

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