Power World Crisis - Armed to the Teeth/Kick It Out (Shadow Kingdom Records) 2010

1.  Armed to the Teeth (1984)
2.  Crank It Up (4:35)
3.  Diane (4:44)
4.  We're The Boys (4:03)
5.  Break In The Action (3:50)
6.  Take It Or Leave It (4:45)
7.  Armed To The Teeth (4:27)
Kick It Out (1985)
8. Kick It Out (4:14)
9.  Metal Meltdown (3:51)
10. Keep Fighting (4:34)
11. We Come to Rock (4:06)
12. At Night (6:24)
13. Don't Come Back (4:07)
14. Scene of the Crime (4:10)
15. Pay the Price (3:53)

1. Driven By The Clock (3:46)
2. Blue Roses (4:10)
3. Dodged Another Bullet (3:31)
4. It Isn't Easy Being Me (4:31)
5. Fan The Flames (6:54)
6. Rock Fever (3:11)
7. Stand Your Ground (4:06)
8. Don't Look Back (3:30)
9. Scars (4:58)
10. Lightning Fires (5:16)
11. Independent (4:11)
12. El Camino (2:57)
13. Kicked Around (3:03)

Crisis are an American heavy metal band formed in 1980 and based out of Utah. When most people think of early 80's American heavy metal it tends to be bands like Quiet Riot, Motley Crue and Ratt. However, there was an entire movement of bands whose sound followed closer to the NWOBHM sounds. Crisis were one of those bands, along with early Riot, The Rods and early Twisted Sister. Being from the early 80's, their sound is more rooted in the 1970's heavy metal sound, which in more recent decades has been downgraded to "just hard rock" by young and naive extreme metal fans. Crisis were primitive, raw and energetic, with a punk-like work ethic and heavy guitar driven songs. Dan Thomson's raspy voice adding a rugged energy to the music. This is heavy metal! It's not surprising that their music was more popular in Europe than in their home country, so much so that their first EP "Armed to the Teeth" (1984) was released on England's now defunct label Bullet Records. Unfortunately Bullet went bankrupt before the release of their second album "Kick it Out" so they band lost a lot of time and momentum while trying to get their master tapes back from the buried record label. (I find it amusing that their first album is an EP at seven songs and their follow-up is considered a full-length at eight songs.) 

This 2-CD release contains both the bands' albums on disc one and a second disc of early unreleased material. The booklet features a short biography, lyrics, vintage photos and both covers printed so that either can be displayed in the jewel case. 

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