Crystal Roxx

Pass the Buck Crystal Roxx - Pass the Buck (JRS) 1992

1. "Big City" (4:29)
2. "Hollywood" (5:12)
3. "Does It Matter" (6:08)
4. "Get up Get Out" (4:21)
5. "Violet Eyes" (5:39)t
6. "On My Way" (4:35)
7. "Be Mine to Satisfy" (4:20)
8. "For You" (4:52)
9. "Runaway" (3:43)
10. "Stay With Me" (4:02)

Yet another disc that proves that popularity and the number of albums sold does not equal the quality of the music. My wife picked up this disc for me at a yard sale for a little over a buck. I had never heard of the band before but will give anything a listen once. To my surprise, these guys play very high quality commercial metal that reminded me of Fear Not, Skid Row and even Dirty Looks at times. They really have the whole package, quality hook laden songs, good production, and even the look. Too bad in 1992 this kind of metal was being wiped out by the mighty, albeit short lived, grunge monster.

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