Transcend Cybergrind - Transcend (Rowe Productions) 2000

1. "Macrocosmic Portent" [instrumental] (:38)
2. "Portal (Intro)" [instrumental]
3. "Descend" (:16)
4. "Transcend" (4:31)
5. "Tragedy Strikes" (6:09)
6. "Brainwashed" (3:50)
7. "Nauseating Sickness" (6:44)
8. "Phantasmic Landscapes" (:55)
9. "Destiny" (6:04)
10. "Cybergrind" (5:28)
11. ""E"no!" (:04)
12. "Rubber Chicken Reflection" (:27)
13. "Fiend Transformation" (:33)
14. "The Complaints of the Dead" (7:07)
15. "Defensive Manouvers Pt. 1 (outro)" (1:48)
16. "Lost Sea of Emoceans" (:30)

This was a much anticipated disc as it is the new disc by former Mortification guitarist Mick Carlisle. Being a huge Mortification fan, I was hoping for something akin to the first Mortification release. What I got was not that far off, but no where near as memorable or as well written. This is thrash with some death metal leanings, but what is missing are the deep vocals and the catchy, death metal choruses that early Mortification delivered. The vocals are all grunted out and obviously pitch-shifted which sort of ruined it for me. The music, on the other hand is heavy, with plenty of speed, groove and some blast beats thrown in for good measure. The production is raw and crunchy. However, the overall product and songwriting falls rather flat and was a bit disappointing. A disc for Mortification die-hards and collectors only.

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