Mystery of Illusion

Mystery of Illusion David T. Chastain - Instrumental Variations (Leviathan) 1987

1. Now Or Never (4:05)
2. Capriccio In E Minor (3:47)
3. 18th Century Inamorata (3:59)
4. Wild And Truly Diminished (2:18)
5. Horizons (4:38)
6. Spontaneous Combustions (3:41)
7. It Doesn't Have To Be (4:05)
8. Project 107: Code 3X (4:16)
9. The Oracle Within (4:13)

David T. Chastain is the guitarist behind Chastain and CJSS. "Instrumental Variations" is his first solo, instrumental album. This is a solo output in the truest sense as Chastain is the sole composer and plays most of the instruments, including the guitar, bass and keyboards. Ken Mary is brought in to handle the drums and percussion. The music on "Instrumental Variations" is usually described as neo-classic heavy metal. While that description fits, the tag tends to bring thoughts of shredders who are technique over feel. Chastain's instrumental music is more accessible than the average shredder. While David T. can tear up a fret-board, and often does, his songs aren't just a showcase of his speed and technique. The songs have distinction and the guitar solos, though sometimes blistering fast, also incorporate feel. "It Doesn't Have to Be" for example, bleeds melancholy emotion with "Spontaneous Combustion" is a pure speed metal shred fest. There's also something to be said for nostalgia. "Instrumental Variations" is one of those records I wore the grooves off of back in the 80's and I still very much enjoy it decades later.

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