Thrash metal from Brazil!

Razon de la Muerta Deliver-The Second Death (Destroyer) 2002

1. "The Window's of Evil Spirit's" (5:15)
2. "The Last Chance" (5:22)
3. "The Second Death" (6:22)
4. "God's" (5:28)
5. "Salmo 103" (2:21)
6. Tunel de Dor" (4:28)
7. "Apocalipse Precoce" (4:49)
8. "Lucifer Ri de Ti" (2:52)
9. "Ele é" (3:20)
10. "Novo Lar" (5:43)
11. hidden track (4:29)

I was anxious to get this Brazilian import after I was told that Deliver were "excellent Christian thrash metal", because the Christian scene has seen so few true metal releases in the last few years. This is especially true of thrash. Excellent thrash metal to me is the more traditional bands like Exodus, Overkill and Testament. Even in Christian metal, bands like Deliverance, Ultimatum, Believer, Vengeance Rising, as varied as those bands are, represent what I think of when describing thrash metal. Deliver is nothing like any of these. They are not really even in the more aggressive style of thrash like Kreator, Destruction, or Sepultura. Rather they are more old school death metal with shouted vocals that are somewhat growled at times. The vocals for the most part are actually more of a hardcore/punk shout, than anything thrash or death like. The exception is in "Lucifer Ri de Ti" where the vocalist mixes up some deep death growls with some high pitched black metal shrieks. Also, "Novo Lar" is completely growled in a typical Chris Barnes/death metal fashion. The bass player's tendency to use slap bass and some other jazzy bass techniques tends to take away from the pure death metal aspect, as do the vocals. Since I don't read Portuguese at all, I can't even tell you which member is the bassist. However, he is obviously a talented musician. This is especially apparent on the funky hidden track (hidden at the end of track 10) which is stylistically very different from the rest of the cd. The guitarist, while being a capable rhythm player, doesn't play one lead throughout the entire disc; not even a melody lead. There are some parts of Deliver's songs that are just screaming for a smokin' lead break. The production is pretty thin throughout as well, which is a bit surprising considering Deliver are on Destroyer Records. While this disc was a bit disappointing to me, I think the band shows signs of promise in the future. With a more dynamic and/or charisma vocalist and the addition of a lead guitarist, this band could be a contender, especially in the fleeting Christian metal scene.

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