Signs of the End Demolish - Signs of the End (CDR demo) 2005

1. "War that Kills Innocents" (2:32)
2. "Lost" (5:35)
3. "Awake" (3:55)
4. "Anger within my Veins" (3:58)
5. "Submission" (:38)
6. "Last Days" (4:34)
7. "Realms of Death" (4:14)

Demomlish are a full-on thrash metal attack! This seven song demo CD is quite impressive. Not only is "Signs of the End" one of the best thrash CDs I have heard come out of Brazil, but it is actually one of the better thrash demos I have heard in quite a while from anywhere. The CD starts out with a fast, pummelling song titled "War that Kills Inconcents". Imagine a mixture of Dark Angel, Annihilator and a touch of early Slayer and you might get the picture here. "Lost" continues the speedy assault complete with those crunchy riffs that make you want to immediately headband and gritty vocals that completely avoid the cliché, overused, death metal sound. With the exception of the short musical interlude, "Submission", the entire album continues in this same manner. Fast guitar riffs, quick downbeats, aggressive vocals and headbanging songwriting. The production is a little muddy and the cymbals are a little whishy sounding, but I am actually surprised by how good the recording and mix is for a demo. All the instruments are clearly heard, even if some of the recording values aren't perfect. Actually, it sort of reminded me of some of those early thrash metal recording from the 80's when bands like Sodom and Kreator were new to the scene. Unfortunately no lyric sheet was provided, but from what I can tell the lyrics are pretty positive and deal with spiritual matters from a Christian perspective. Here's hoping for a full length from these guys in the not to distant future.

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