Depressive Age

Lyin' In Wait Depressive Age - Lying in Wait (BMG / GUN) 1993

1. Lying in Wait" (4:17)
2. Where" (3:30)
3. Way out" (3:33)
4. Berlin" (3:53)
5. Psycho Circle Game" (5:34)
6. The Story (Autumn Times II)" (5:51)
7. My Wine" (3:43)
8. From out of Nowhere" (4:41)
9. Hateful Pride" (4:31)
10. Eternal Twins" (5:17)

This is one of those CDs that is almost impossible to describe in words. I originally picked it up because a friend suggested them. He said they had a lot of thrash metal influences, and indeed they do. However, to call them thrash would be an injustice. Depressive Age have the distinct honor of being impossible to label along with bands like Viovod, Thought Industry and Psychotic Waltz. Similar to those bands, Depressive Age play heavy metal but they bring in influences that are not usual for the genre; jazz, alternative, etc. If forced to come up with a label, I'd say Depressive Age were progressive thrash. Still, even this label is deceiving. "Lying in Wait", the band's sophomore release sports a lot of crunchy guitar riffs, heavy distortion, speedy solos and fast tempos, there are just as many parts that would fall way outside the thrash label. A song may start with a heavy riff and some fast double bass only to be followed up by something you would swear was Pink Floyd. Best part about it is, it works. While the songs are technical and progressive, they are also cohesive and enjoyable. I don't find myself bored halfway through a song. Basically, Depressive Age are a unique and original band, and "Lying in Wait" is proof positive.

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