Begin the Revolution Dirty Passion - Different Tomorrow (Denomination Records) 2010

1.   This Is The Way (3:54)
2.   1,000,000 Voices (4:41)
3.   Rockin' In The Night (4:35)
4.   Different Tomorrow (5:08)
5.   A Trip To Paradise (4:16)
6.   Self-Destructive (4:29)
7.   Liar  (3:39)
8.   We're All Gonna Fall (3:52)
9.   Selling Your Soul (4:58)
10. Without You (3:52)

Hailing from Sweden, Dirty Passion were formed in 2006 and are on a mission to bring back good time rock and roll. "Different Tomorrow" is the band's debut. From the band's name and their look, I had assumed that they might be playing sleazy metal like Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks or Sleeze Beez. However, their sound is less raunchy and has more in common with Europe. For many, that will bring to mind a sound like "Final Countdown". However, Dirty Passion are more guitar oriented like "Wings of Tomorrow". In other words, Dirty Passion play straight-forward, stripped-down, hard rock with smooth vocals and some nice guitar works. Vocalist Emil Ekbladh's voice also helps perpetuate the Europe comparison as his vocals parallel those of Joey Tempest.

What Dirty Passion really lacks on "Different Tomorrow" is a real charisma and those killer hooks. There is nothing to really help separate them from the crowd, as their sound isn't particularly original. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I have no problem with a band sticking with a style of music they love, and in fact, I applaud the band's desire to bring back good time rock and roll. However, with future releases I hope they are able to get those songs that will push them up to the next level. Bigger hooks are needed to really make this style of music more appealing in my opinion.

My copy of "Different Tomorrow" is autographed by the entire band. (Thanks Jeff)

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