DisaffectionThrash metal from Brazil

Begin the Revolution Disaffection - Begin the Revolution (Bombworks) 2010

  1. Metal Kombat (4:08)
  2. Which One’s The Truth (4:13)
  3. Blind Man (3:59)
  4. Stupid Ideas (3:58)
  5. Mystery of God (3:07)
  6. The Mortuary Man (4:23)
  7. Disaffection (5:53)
  8. Cerebral Nightmare (4:35)
  9. I Wanna See The Chaos (1:14)
  10. The End of the Beginning [outro] (1:01)
Disaffection are Slayer-iffic thrash metal from Brazil. These guys have done their homework, studying the late 80’s American thrash metal scene and using this as the basis for their sound. Disaffection unashamedly wear their influences on their sleeves, sounding like a combination of Exodus and Slayer complete with machine gun riffing, shouted gang vocals, fast guitar licks, and those all important mosh beats and quick double bass assaults. There are no experiments with other styles of metal or rock. The CD opens up with noises of war noises before breaking into a furious thrash metal anthem. From this point on, the aggression and speed never lets up. “Stupid Ideas” is a catchy song and slows things down just slightly with only the slightest hint of groove. The Brazilian accent becomes very apparent in the song, though I find it adds to the appeal of the band’s sound. “Mystery of God” is equally infectious, with it’s shout along chorus and head banging riffs. “Begin the Revolution” is thrash for thrash sake. Disaffection aren’t pretending to be the most creative band in the world. Rather, they are thrash metal fans in a thrash metal band. Nothing more, nothing less. Strap on on your bullet belt, your denim vest and prepare to enter the mosh pit. Disaffection will usher you in.

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