Lean Into It Disturbance - We Come Out At Night (Zoo Entertainment) 1993

1. No More (3:59)
2. Resolution (3:50)
3. Cryin' (3:58)
4. Best of My Love (4:33)
5. Turn Around (4:23)
6. To Know You (4:43)
7. Outta Love (4:05)
8. We Come Out at Night (5:39)
9. Seasons (2:51)
10. Rock 'n Roll Me Down (3:51)
11. New York City (3:42)
12. All I Want to Be (7:36)

Disturbance? Who? That's what I thought when this CD arrived in my mailbox one afternoon in the Spring of 2010. First thing I did was check out the date on the back of the CD and look at the year of release, 1993. From the album cover art and the year of release I automatically assumed this would be some sort of grunge or alternative rock. I was wrong. Disturbance are American hard rock; catchy, guitar-heavy, melodic, sleazy, shimmy 'n shake, rock 'n' roll. Vocalist David Fury has that slightly raspy voice that reminds me of bands like LA Guns, Britny Fox and Sircle of Silence. The production is polished, but isn't so overly clean that the raw rock and roll vibe is stripped away. "We Come Out At Night" features several standout cuts, including "No More", "Cryin", "To Know You", and "Outta Love". "We Come Out At Night" features several standout cuts, including "No More", "Resolution", "Cryin", and "Outta Love". Really the only track I didn't enjoy as much as the others is the obligatory acoustic ballad "To Know You". Unfortunately bands like this were just buried in the early 1990's with the popularity of grunge and alternative. Catchy hard rock was no longer the flavor-of-the-month and Disturbance were a victim of timing. Had "We Come Out At Night" been released a couple years earlier, this album might have garnered my more applause and had the potential to be a hit. As it stands, "We Come Out At Night" is located in a cut-out bin near you, but is worth the couple of bucks you'll pay for it. (Thanks Vexer6)

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