Divine Regale

Divine Regale - Horizons (independant) 1994

1. "Dawn" [instrumental] (1:05)
2. "Horizon" (5:20)
3. "Underworld" (6:11)
4. "Missing" (6:01)
5. "Fear the Storm" (8:33)

"Horizons" is melodic, progressive metal similar in style to more recent Fates Warning. I see people looking for this one on the Perpetual Motion trade board all the time. I guess it's somewhat hard to find. Found this copy for $4.

Ocean Mind Divine Regale - Ocean Mind (Metal Blade)

1. "Ocean Mind" (6:09)
2. "Change?" (4:27)
3. "Shadowed Word Forgotten" (4:56)
4. "No Part of This" (4:12)
5. "Leaves" (4:53)
6. "Horison" (4:48)
7. "Cry to Heaven" (3:55)
8. "Underworld" (5:37)
9. "Forever Changing Winds" (8:13)

Divine Regale scores a record contract off the strength of their debut and release this sophomore disc. The sound is very similar to their ep/cd, but the production is much improved. Not a lot of memorable hooks, but the musicianship is tight, the songs are technical, and the vocals are clean and melodic, so it makes for a good listen nonetheless.

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