D.T. Seizure 1989
D.T. Seizure was formed in Portland, Maine (USA) in the Winter of 1988. In the summer of 1989, the band's demo, "Name Your Poison", was recorded at Sound Harbor Studios in Westbrook, Maine. Unfortunately the band broke up in the Winter of 1990. Vocalist Randy Michaud resurfaced in his own band called Troglodyte Dawn several years later.

Name Your Poison
DT Seizure - Name Your Poison/Alive & Kicking at Geno's
(independent) 1989/2003

1. "D.Zaster" [demo] (5:46)
2. "Kraken" [demo] (6:05)
3. "D.Zaster" [live] (6:05)
4. "Dead Reckoning" [live] (3:34)
5. "Motorbreath" [live] (3:06)
6. "Kraken" [live] (6:36)
7. "Hand of Doom" [live] (7:09)
8. "Whipping Post" [live] (5:30)
9. "Holiday in Cambodia" [live] (5:54)
10. "More Beer" [live] (3:45)

Name Your Poison (demo)
1. "Losing Sanity/D.Zaster" (6:52)
2. "Kracken" (6:02)
3. "Das Felchus" (:52)

It's amazing how many bands there were in the underground that just were never give then opportunity to get out of the local bar scene and record a proper album. DT Seizure are one such band. The two demo tracks on this disc one are quite good, and certainly better than some bands who did make it into the limelight of the 80's heavy metal scene. DT play solid heavy metal that reminds me slightly of early Metal Church or even Armored Saint. (Ahhh, real heavy metal, an art form that has disappeared in favor of many different sub genres.) This CD, put together by the band's ex-vocalist Randy Michaud, also contains a show that DT Seizure played at club called Gino's. The sound quality isn't great, but it gives a look into the band's influences. Cover of Metallica, Dead Kennedys, Diamond Head and Black Sabbath show they were from the same school as many other 80's metal bands, blending the power and technical skill of metal with the speed and aggression of punk. Disc two features the complete DT Seizure demo, which includes a raunchy, S.O.D. inspired speed metal song called "DAs Felchus." Not exactly sure what that means, but from hearing the lyrics I doubt that I want to. (LOL!) Now I know why it was left off the disc one. Still, it's nice to have the complete demo, being as I am a completist. Unfortunately, this is the only thing the band ever released. Randy Michaud also released a heavy doom-metal project called Troglodyte Dawn and is also fronting the power metal band Tykkus in Phoenix, AZ.

DT Seizure
Kevin Mack & Randy "Trog" Michaud

DT Seizure Live & Kicking at Geno's


Dead Reckoning (orig. by Diamond Head), Motorbreath (orig. by Metallica), Hand of Doom (orig. by Black Sabbath), Whipping Post (orig. by the Allman Brothers), Holiday in Cambodia (orig. by Dead Kennedys) and More Beer (orig. by Fear)

In 2009 DT Seizure bassist reunited with vocalist Randy Michaud and joined his doom/ambient band Troglodyte Dawn.

D.T. Seizure promo

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