E C H O.. H O L L O W

Diet of Worms Echo Hollow - Diet of Worms (Geneva) 1998

1. "Diet of Worms" (6:08)
2. "Thursday" (6:30)
3. "Sad" (8:04)
4. "A Fools Errand" (4:36)
5. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (4:08)
6. "Take My Shoes" (3:46)
7. "Through the Veil" (7:56)

Hmm, looks like Tourniquet. Hmm, smells like Tourniquet. Even sounds like Tourniquet. Must be Tourniquet. Nope, actually it's Echo Hollow the band that is comprised of former Tourniquet vocalist Guy Ritter and long time Tourniquet guitarist Gary Lenaire. The title cut especially sounds like old Tourniquet, which was great to hear, especially hearing Guy's voice again. The rest, however, doesn't have the complexity or even the hooks of "Stop the Bleeding" or "Psycho Surgery." The production, however, is stellar, being mixed by Metal Blade guru Bill Metoyer, who also coincidently, mixed the most recent Tourniquet album. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" is a U2 cover.

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