Bleed For the Gods Eidolon - Nightmare World (Metal Blade) 2000

1. "Nightmare World" (4:43)
2. "Noctem Aeternus (Eternal Night)" (5:27)
3. "Lunar Mission" (5:39)
4. "Eye Of Illusion" (5:18)
5. "Repulsion" (5:32)
6. "Majestic Interlude" [instrumental] (3:18)
7. "Fortress Of Red" (4:58)
8. "Glorified Suicide" (5:22)
9. "Dreamscape" (12:58)

Yet another in a long string of bands that people have been begging me to check out. Why I waited so long is beyond me. These guys RULE! For the most part I'd describe Eidolon as a speed metal band, but there are elements of thrash and power metal as well. In other words, METAL! Eidolon are the brainchild of brothers Glen and Shawn Dover, both of whom have gone on to join Megadeth. (Guitarist Glen Drover appeared on King Diamond's "House Of God" CD as well.) The nine songs here offer up a lot of variety with some fast thrashy songs, as well as some slow to mid-paced tunes. The opener is a monster of a song with a thrash riff. The guitar work and double bass assault left me with a grin from ear to ear. Other standout cuts like "Noctem Aeternus" and "Lunar Mission" are equally as awesome. "Noctem" in particular reminded me slightly of Dream Evil. The acoustic interlude was a nice break in between two fairly heavy songs. However, the crowning achievment here is the epic "Dreamcape". This song is packed full of jaw-dropping riffs, complex breaks, fabulous solos and even some Deep Purple-esque, Hammond organ breaks. Simply fantastic. The only thing I failed to mention was that the vocals may take some getting use to. Brian Solard has a clean, slightly raspy style that is neither thrashy, nor does he spend much time in those high register power metal screams. It's almost as if I wished he would let out a few more screams here and there. Rather his voice is very calm. After a spin or two, seemed to really click. Otherwise, this one took me by the jugular and didn't let go. Eidolon is METAL in the truest sense of the word!

Parallel Otherworld Eidolon - The Parallel Otherworld (Escapi) 2006

1. "The Parallel Otherworld" (11:33)
2. "Arcturus 9" (5:16)
3. "The Eternal Call" (6:07)
4. "Ghost World" (7:32)
5. "1000 Winters Old" (5:53)
6. "Spirit Sanctuary" (4:55)
7. "Order of the White Light" (5:51)
8. "Astral Flight" (6:17)
9. "Shadowanderer (Ferdamannen)" (7:10)
10. "The Oath" (7:46)

"The Parallel Otherworld" is the second Eidolon album I have ever heard and I must say, I am more than impressed with these guys. On this album the Drover brothers (Glen - guitar, Shawn - drums), along with Adrian Robichaud (bass) have added Pagan's Mind vocalist Nils K. Rue, who turns in a stellar performance. Eidolon manages to ride a fence between true power metal (ie. Metal Church, Vicious Rumors) and progressive heavy metal. As would be expected in either style of music, Eidolon offers heavy distorted guitar riffs, blistering leads, a pounding rhythm section and plenty of technical prowess to impress even the most picky progressive fan. "The Parallel Otherworld" features a lot more progressive elements than what I remember on the only other album I have heard to date, "Nightmare World". In the opening moments of the epic length title track you get the idea that "The Parallel Otherworld" might be closer to prog-rock than the thrashy power metal Eidolon are known for. However, don't fret. This CD offers plenty of diversity from the speedy "Arcturus 9", to the riff heavy "Ghost World" through the exception album closer, "The Oath", Yes, in fact this is a cover of Mercyful Fate's classic track and Eidolon do the song justice. The vocals on this song are amazing with Nils K. Rue pulling out his best King Diamond impression.

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