Beyond All Reason Eloy ‎– The Best Of Eloy Volume One: The Early Days 1972-1975 (Griffin Music) 1996

1     Inside (6:38)
2     Future City (5:37)
3     The Light From The Deep Darkness (14:40)
4     Castle In The Air (7:17)
5     Madhouse (5:18)
6     Love Over Six Centuries (10:09)
7     Mutiny (9:09)
8     The Bells Of Notre Dame (6:27)
9     Daybreak (3:42)
10   Journey Into 1358 (2:55)

Eloy are a German progressive rock band formed in 1968. This CD compiles songs from the band's earliest albums "Inside", "Floating" and "The Power And The Passion", as well as a single from a 1970 single titled "Daybreak". These early recordings are mostly long jams and fall closer to a psychedelic and space rock sound than the prog-rock of bands like Yes, King Crimson and Genesis. The album is packed with fairly heavy guitars and cosmic organ and moog work, almost like early Pink Floyd albums like "Atom Heart Mother" and "Ummagumma". Frank Bornemann's vocals sometimes sound like Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, despite an obvious German accent. While this CD may not be something essential for prog fans, it was interesting enough to get me interested in hearing more from this band.

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