Hypnotica Enchant - Blink of an Eye (Inside Out Records) 2002

1. "Under Fire" (5:58)
2. "Monday" (7:10)
3. "Seeds of Hate" (6:17)
4. "Flat Line" (5:23)
5. "Follow the Sun" (6:08)
6. "Ultimate Gift" (7:58)
7. "My Everafter" (5:39)
8. "Invisible" (5:41)
9. "Despicable" (4:13)
10. "Prognosis" [instrumental] (7:29)

I hadn't heard anything from this band since their first album "A Blueprint Of The World" and even that album I hadn't actually heard in quite some time. So I did't really know exacty what to expect. "Blink of an Eye" is a wonderful progressive rock album that seems to mix together equal amounts of Kansas, Marillion and especially Rush. As well there are touches of more modern bands like Fates Warning, but this doesn't seem to be the basis for the music here. The songs are complex, but still very melodic. In other words, I didn't want to shut the CD off after ten minutes of listening. "Under Fire" is one of the albums standout tracks and an excellent way to start off the album. The song just pulled me in until the very abrupt ending that left me wondering if my CD player had died or something. Sort of a weird ending for a wonderful song. Unlike many other modern progressive bands, Enchant do not rely on keyboards. Rather the songs here for the most part are guitar driven, even if it's an acoustic guitar, as in "Monday". Doug A Ott's guitar playing is remarkable throughout. Ted Leanoard has a smooth voice that brings me back to the glory days of 70's progressive rock. Together with some excellent musicianship and a nice recording, "Blink of An Eye" is an excellent, emotional, commercially accessible, hard rock, progressive disc.

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