Lost and Spaced ESP - Lost & Spaced (Rockhard) 1998

1. "Set Me Free" (3:57)
2. "Four Day Creep" (3:09)
3. "Free Ride" (3:57)
4. "Still Alive & Well" (3:52)
5. "Never Before" (3:57)
6. "Going Blind" (3:57)
7. "Teenage Nervous Breakdown" (4:06)
8. "Changes" (3:35)
9. "S.O.S. (Too Bad)" (2:46)
10. "Foxy Lady" (4:28)

ESP was a side project of drummer Eric Singer, who has been the drummer for Kiss, Badlands, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, among many other. ESP, or the Eric Singer Project, is Eric paying homage to some of his inspirations. Also part of the band is ex-Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick, ex-Motley Crue vocalist John Corabi and bassist vocalist/guitarist Karl Cockran. Ace Frehley also has a guest guitar solo on one of the bands's two tributes to Jimi Hendrix, "Foxy Lady". All the covers stick pretty close to the original songs, adding in a bit of flavor from each of the respective artists. Among my favorites are Sweet's "Set Me Free", Aerosmith's "S.O.S. (Too Bad) and the hugely underated Kiss song "Going Blind". However, each track is quite enjoyable making for a solid and enjoyable disc overall. "Four Day Creep" is a Humble Pie cover, "Free Ride" and Edgar Winter cover, "Still Alive & Well" a Johnny Winter cover, "Never Before" an obscure Deep Purple cover off "Machine Head, "Teenage Nervous Breakdown" a Nazareth cover, and "Changes" is the other Jimi Hendrix cover. Nothing like some of my favorite artists covering some of my other favorite artists. Great disc! My particular copy was autographed at a Kiss convention in Norway and given to me by a friend. (Thanks Kurt!)

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