Faith or Fear 1985
F A I T H or F E A R

New Jersey thrash band that formed in 1985 recording some demos that got them a lot of attention, as well as label offers from Metal Blade and Combat. After releasing only one album the band split up. As of 2003 Faith or Fear has done a few reunion gigs (see photo at bottom). Here's hoping for some new studio material from them as well.

Punishment Area Faith or Fear-Punishment Area (Century Media) 1988

1. "Lack of Motivation" (3:50)
2. "C.D.S." (3:48)
3. "Punishment Area" (5:03)
4. "Rampage/Nothing Uncommon" (3:52)
5. "Have No Fear" (4:08)
6. "What Would You Expect" (3:46)
7. "Darkside" (4:20)
8. "Shadow Knows" (4:20)
9. "Rippoffs" (3:26)
10. "Time Bomb" (5:18)
11. "Instruments of Death" (2:55)

A 1999 release of one of Combat Records last signings. I actually heard of this band through the Ultimate Revenge 2: Soundtrack with Death, Forbidden, Raven and Dark Angel. Faith or Fear pretty much held their own with all these legends of thrash and speed metal, which is why I was interested in obtaining their full length album. "Punishment Area" is forty-five minutes of pummeling, E-chord chugging, double-bass pounding, 80's thrash metal. Unfortunately this was the only album they ever released. After touring for this disc, they went through a number of personnel changes before splitting up, although I think they may also have recorded a demo. "Instruments of Death" is a track of the band's "Dehumanize '88" demo. Apparently Merrit Gant, of Overkill fame, played with these guys for a while as well, but did not record on "Punishment Area."

A visitor to my site:
I'm the original drummer of FOF. I found your page on the band and wanted to thank you for the nice things you said. FYI, the "Instruments of Death" demo is actually incorrect; the demo was called "Dehumanize '88" (though we recorded it in late '87). And it was recorded prior (2years) before the album...and spread the word because we are back! I spoke with Chris Bombeke 2 days ago for the first time in years. He told me that he & Bob Perna just saw CJ a month ago and that Tim Blackman is still around. We'll be setting up a practice in January and may do a show or two, probably in Vineland, NJ (our hometown area) & MAYBE Philly. And it just so happens that I spoke with Merritt 2 days ago. He has a project as he calls it that he's working on. Anyway, just FYI if you care.
Thanks again,
Dan Hansen

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