Fast Eddie Clarke
Fast Eddie Clarke was the guitarist of Motorhead for many years, and played on most of their early albums, co-writing such hits as "Ace Of Spades" and "Overkill", among many others. After leaving Motorhead he formed Fastway, who also released several well received albums. Since the demise of Fastway, Fast Eddie Clarke has concentrated mostly on studio work, besides recording his one studio album.

It Ain't Over... Fast Eddie Clarke - It Ain't Over Till It's Over (Griffin) 1994

1. "Snakebite" (3:23)
2. "Lying Ain't Right" (3:21)
3. "Back On The Road" (4:17)
4. "Naturally" (4:29)
5. "All Over Bar The Shouting" (4:31)
6. "Make My Day" (3:22)
7. "Laugh At The Devil" (3:51)
8. "No Satisfaction" (5:03)
9. "Lessons" (4:33)
10. "Hot Straight And Normal" (3:16)
11. "In The City" (4:10)
12. "It Ain't Over Till It's Over" (5:46)

"It Ain't Over" is Fast Eddie's one and only solo recording. The music here falls somewhere between the mid-paced AOR sounds of Fastway with the aggression of early Motorhead. The unfortunate part of this CD is that Eddie performs most of the vocals. At times he reminds me of Ace Frehely, but where that 'can't sing, don't care' style worked well for the Comet, it isn't working as well here. Former bandmate Lemmy Kilmister makes a guest vocal appearance on "Laugh at the Devil", which of course makes the song sound even moreso like an old Motorhead track and is probably my favorite track on the CD. Despite my complaint about the vocals, this is still a fairly enjoyable CD and a must for Motorhead completists like myself. Other standout tracks include "Snake Bite" and the title track.

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