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Thrash metal band from Florida, USA

Born to Thrash Fatal  - Born 2 Thrash (independent) 2008

1. "Born 2 Thrash" (4:41)
2. "Call of War" (6:03)
3. "Sacrificed in Vain" (6:09)

Fatal are yet another band in the growing masses of retro thrash metal bands. Much like Avenger of Blood, Fueled by Fire, Merciless Death, Warbringer, Bonded By Blood, etc., Fatal play full throttle 1980's inspired thrash metal. Unlike many of these bands, which hail from California, Fatal hail from Florida but their sound is most certainly rooted in that Bay Area sound. Slayer, Forbidden and Exodus, along with the holy trinity of German thrash, Sodom, Destruction and Kreator are all rolled into one with Fatal. 

It must be a pre-requisite to have at least one song with the word "thrash" in the title in order to pass as a genuine thrash metal band. In the case of Fatal, they give us an excellent song called "Born 2 Thrash". The song title is self explanatory and sums up the ethic of this band. It's all about the thrash metal! The music is pretty much straight forward, headbanging fodder complete with speedy guitar solo, catchy mosh grooves, lyrics that are barked out and a shout-along chorus. "We are born to thrash, we are born to thrash!"  This song is followed up by an anti-war song that continues the speed metal onslaught. The riffs are relentless and would make any patch-clad, denim vest wearing, Dark Angel fans break into a spontaneous circle pit. However, unlike many of their contemporaries, Fatal offers a bit more melody and hook in their music. While the mosh ethic is ever present, the band doesn't seem to be just "thrash for thrash sake". 

The last song "Sacrificed in Vain" was the only song I was completely unfamiliar with previous to hearing this CD. The former two songs had been on the band's MySpace site for all to hear. This song starts off with a heavy, death metal vibe complete with double bass and melodic leads. It sort of reminds me slightly of fellow Florida band Death, or perhaps even Obituary. After the thirty second long musical intro, the tempo picks up and we once again assaulted with some full throttle thrash metal. As with "Call of War", this song offers a cool harmony in the middle on of the song. 

This demo is well recorded and showcases a band that would easily fit in with the current crop of Exodus-worshipping thrash hordes. Some may argue that these bands don't offer much creatively. Frankly, I don't think that's really the point here. For those who just enjoy the sounds of crushing thrash metal, grab your denim vest and jump into the pit. Fatal will thrash you!

The Law Fatal - The Law  (Slaney) 2009

1.Firebeast (5:27)
2.Self Destroyed (7:25)
3.Synthetic Satisfaction (8:10)

Strictly limited edition EP featuring three new songs from Tampa, Florida’s thrash metal newbies, Fatal. This is Fatal’s second EP, and their first on Slaney Records. From what I have read, this CD is limited to only 275 copies. The three songs here are an out and out thrash metal assault. All three songs sound as if they could have been recorded in 1989, from the crunchy mosh ethic riffs to the angry barked out lyrics to the demo-like production value. Back in the day it was all about the attitude, and Fatal have plenty of that. Long hair, demin, leather and thrashin’ like a maniac. Despite the sloppy production, I found myself listening to this EP over and over again. Sometimes raw production can work in a band’s favor and I think that is exactly the case here. What also makes these guys stand out is that they are not “thrash for thrash sake”. In other words, despite the fact that they can play at break-neck speed, they offer a bit of variety in the tempos of the songs, offering some slightly doomy breakdowns and some mid-paced grooves as well. As one would expect from a quality thrash band, Fatal also offer some competent guitar solos as well.  Quite frankly, I’m looking for a full length release from these guys.

Hey Fatal! Let’s get you guys to New Mexico for a show with resident thrashers Ultimatum, Suspended and Dread.

Cast in Filth Fatal - Cast Into Filth (Slaney Records) 2010

1. Cast Into Filth (3:30)
2. Dethslave (4:37)
3. Veil Of Deception (3:41)
4. Ravenous Descent (6:26)

Tampa, Florida's Fatal release yet another EP. This is EP number three now and still no full length album. So, what I decided to do was add all three albums to my iPod and play them straight through as one long album. Discs one and two are full throttle, neo-thrash metal. This time around, Fatal have abandoned the thrash metal sound for a retro death metal sound instead. I suppose that the change in direction could be chalked up to growth or progression as a band, but frankly, I prefer the more biting thrash metal sound to the sludgy death metal sound. Even the cover artwork has changed from the colorful cartoony looks to a more modern look. I don't know, "Cast Into Filth" certainly isn't bad, but I am still left a bit disappointed that the band is no longer honing their skills as a thrash metal unit and are instead pursuing death metal. They are almost indistinguishable as the same band that recorded "Born 2 Thrash" and "The Law".

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