Fourth Estate

Fountain of Tears Fourth Estate - See What I See (Liquid Disc)

1. "From Here to There" (4:22)
2. "Poet's Lament" (4:56)
3. "See What I See" (5:28)
4. "Primal Roots" (1:16)
5. "The Hammer Song" (4:51)
6. "Blue Flame" (6:54)
7. "Crazy Ivan" (5:49)
8. "Dadgad" (5:51)
9. Taste of Heaven" (5:59)
10. "Kara Kum"
Part 1. Mirage (1:33)
Part 2. Ten Days Lost in the Sun (1:35)
Part 3. Shadow of the Dune (5:37)

I somehow find most of these instrumental shred albums boring. As talented a guitarist and songwriter as Dave Beegle is, this is the case with this disc as well, although if I am in the right mood, this disc is spectacular. "See What I Hear" starts off with a song that sounds like a progressive metal number. I keep expecting to hear some waling Geoff Tate-like vocals, but alas it never happens. The title track sounds like something off a Joe Satriani album. "Primal Roots" is a bass solo. Every song has it's own feel and style. Not a bad album, just not a frequent player in my cd player. Oh, and like any "good" guitar album there is a warning that states "No keyboards of synthesizers were used on this album." Bravo!

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