Freakings FreaKings - No Way Out! (independent) 2011

1.     Our Father (2:31)     
2.     Temptation (5:15)     
3.     Kill the Snake (4:01)     
4.     No Insight (5:09)
5.     Face Up Your Fight (5:08)     
6.     Rush Hour (:52)     
7.     No Way Out (4:28)     
8.     The Cross Is Empty (4:00)     
9.     43.2 (:35)     
10.   Unheard (4:32)

Freakings are a power-trio thrash band from Bubendorf, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland formed in 2008. "No Way Out" was their CD debut, although the band did release a demo in 2008. What they have unleashed here is some raw, old-school, thrash metal with guttural vocals. The recording is fairly simplistic without layers of guitars creating a wall of sound. Instead the band relies of solid, crunchy riffs to give them their heavy sound. At times there is a bit of a punk-like attitude reflected in the music, though they never veer into core or punk terratories. Rather we get balls-to-the-wall machine gun riffing moved along at break neck speed by a driving rhythm section. A solid debut from this Swiss new wave of thrash metal band.

Gladiator FreaKings - Gladiator (independent) 2014

1.   Kingdom (2:18)
2.   The Day Will Come (2:57)
3.   Gladiator (4:08)
4.   Hate In Our Veins (4:05)
5.   Till Death (:39)
6.   The Life (4:19)
7.   Thrash Metal (3:33)
8.   Atomic Idiocy (3:46)
9.   Rod of God's Wratch (4:23)
10. Why (3:28)
11. False Gods (3:57)

FreaKings are power-trio from Basel, Switzerland formed in 2008 whose sound is deeply rooted in 1980's thrash/crossover sound. From the opening moments of "Kindgom" through the brutally punishing ending of "False Gods" this neo-thrash band never lets up. Unlike many New Wave of Thrash Metal bands, FreaKings are trying to sound like Exodus or early Metallica. Rather their sound is a bit more crossover in nature with a punk delivery. This is especially true of the vocals, which are slightly gruff and shouted. The band's press release compares their sound to Slayer, Violator and Vengeance Rising. While I can definitely hear the Violator, I think their sound tends more towards The Crucified's "Pillars of Humanity" or even D.R.I.'s "Crossover" album, or perhaps S.O.D, M.O.D and the like. However, FreaKings do not sound like a carbon copy of any one particular band. Rather these guys take their classic thrash influences and really create a sound that is all theirs. 

"Gladiator" is packed to the brim with frantic, fast tempo songs built with fast downbeats, tight, machine gun riffing and fiery guitar solos. The band is very dedicated to their style of thrash metal, even naming a song "Thrash Metal", "This Is Thrash Metal - Thrash Metal Attack!" Despite this song, the lyrics are another thing that sets this band apart from the masses of New Wave of Thrash Metal bands.  While there are songs such as the aforementioned "Thrash Metal" as well as some socially conscience songs such as "Atomic Idiocy", many of the songs are based on Biblical and Christian ideals. Songs such as "Rod of God's Wrath" and "Kingdom" make a clear and open statement about the band's faith in God. 

FreaKings may not be the most unique band in the world, but then again that really isn't the point of what they are doing. They play thrash metal and they play it well! "Gladiator" is a great listen. Rarely do I receive a CD from an independent band that grab's my attention like Freakings. I can testify that once I popped the CD into my player it stayed in there for weeks on end! "This Is Thrash Metal - Thrash Metal Attack!"

Toxic End Freakings - Toxic End (independent) 2017

1.   Hell on Earth (3:31)
2.   Future Vision (2:35)
3.   Violent Disaster (4:03)
4.   Thrash Will Never Die (4:02)
5.   Toxic End (3:56)
6.   Friendly Fire (4:28)
7.   Brain Dead (2:55)
8.   Price of Freedom (3:06)
9.   Wave of Pain (3:26)
10. Beer Attack (1:16)
11. No More Excuses (3:21)

Freakings third album is one that will grab you by the jugular immediately and not let go for the entirety of the album. From the opening moments of "Hell on Earth" the unrelenting barrage of riffing comes at you like an automatic machine gun and doesn't let up until the final moments "No More Excuses". This wall of sound is built around buzz-saw guitars, a pounding rhythm section and slightly raspy vocals that are delivered in a punk-like fury. This is old-school thrash metal! Let the moshing begin!

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