Basically Gack are Laaz Rockit with a new name.

Fix Gack - Fix  (Pony Canyon) 1993

1. Pure (2:53)
2. Break The Water (4:00)
3. Red Sky (3:27)
4. Liquid Palace (5:48)
5. Waiting (3:42)
6. Leave (3:30)
7. How Does It Feel (4:12)
8. Jones St. (2:47)
9. Show Me Why (3:35)
10. Day In The Park (6:24)
11. Acoustic Park (4:10)

Hidden beneath this horrid cover and goofy band name is essentially another release from legendary San Francisco thrashers Laaz Rockit. Thrash was in a commercial slump in the mid-1990’s and Laaz Rockit, along with Defiance drummer Matt Vander Ende decided to morph their sound into a darker, more mid-paced, groove oriented sound. “Fix” does still have some thrash metal overtones, but it’s more along the lines of Overkill’s “I Hear Black” or late 90’s Testament. The songs have more groove elements and the overall tone is slightly darker. If someone had played this CD for me, along side of classics like “Annihilation Principle” and “Know Your Enemy”, I would be hard pressed to say it’s the same band. Michael Coons’ usually high howl is angrier and more shouted here than on those classic releases. However, “Fix” does have some similarities to “Taste of Rebellion”. “Break the Water” has a heavy, monstrous riff that will send most metal fans into instant headbanging fits.

I have no idea why they changed their name, especially since their "new" sound isn't so distant from their older stuff. “Fix” was recorded and released for Japan only, much like Laaz Rockit’s “Taste Of Rebellion” CD. Apparently Laaz must have still had a decent following in Japan. Unfortunately changing the band’s name was a bad idea as the CD apparently didn’t sell well and the band dissolved soon after it’s release.

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