Bassist Monty Colvin and drummer Alan Doss first played together in Houston in a band called the Awful Truth. When it split up, Colvin and Doss recruited vocalist Ben Huggins and guitarist Dane Sonnier to form Houston's Galactic Cowboys, who soon after signed with the David Geffen Company (DGC). After their second album the band became disillusioned and disgusted with their lack of success, especially after being dropped by their label. Dane Sonnier quit and was replaced by Wally Farkas. The Galactic Cowboys have often been compared to fellow Austin TX band King's X, due to their use of layered Beatle-esque vocals and heavy guitars but their sound is not exactly the same. The Cowboys first two albums were similarly produced by Sam Taylor who also produce the first few King's X albums.

Galactic Cowboys Galactic Cowboys (DGC) 1991

1.   "I'm Not Amused" (6:21)
2.   "My School" (6:40)
3.   "Why Can't You Believe in Me" (6:34)
4.   "Kaptain Krude" (6:08)
5.   "Someone for Everyone" (6:23)
6.   "Sea of Tranquility" (7:38)
7.   "Kill Floor" (5:04)
8.   "Pump up the Space Suit" (1:01)
9.   "Ranch on Mars" (2:16)
10. "Speak to Me" (10:13)

Galactic Cowboys

One of the greatest debut albums ever! This is epic art/progressive rock at it's finest. Loads of vocal harmonies laid on top of heavily down-tuned guitars. Ever song is a standout! A must have for any prog-metal fan or any fan of good music! This album has since been reissued by Geffen as a low-budget disc with new artwork that adds their logo to the cover art. The original release looks like the picture above and came in a cool long box.

Space in Your Face Galactic Cowboys - Space in Your Face (DGC) 1993

1. "Space in Your Face" (1:39)
2. "You Make Me Smile" (4:20)
3. "I Do What I Do" (5:21)
4. "Circles in the Fields" (4:47)
5. "If I Were a Killer" (3:56)
6. "Blind" (7:49)
7. "No Problems" (7:23)
8. "About Mrs. Leslie" (5:12)
9. "Where Are You Now?" (7:50)
32. "Ranch on Mars" [unlisted] (4:15)
11. "Still Life of Peace" [unlisted] (6:55)

Following in the footsteps of their debut, "Space in Your Face" offers more Abbey Road-style Beatles harmonies with extended multisectional Metallica-like heavy-metal rhythms. "Blind" is one of the band's finest melodic, epic, and progressive numbers. The title track is almost a fast Motorhead-inspired punk song. My favorite song, however, is "If I Were A Killer." The lyrics are great but very misunderstood by reviewers. One review I read stated, ". . .the comical serial-killer fantasy 'If I Were a Killer'. . ." Serial killer fantasy? Is that what abortion doctors are, serial killers? Hmmm, must be because the song is an anti-abortion, pro-life song! The CD contains two hidden tracks as well. "Ranch on Mars" is hidden 2:30 into track 20. The actual track length is 7:35, but the actual song is only 4:15 long. (quite annoying actually!) Track 32 contains the hidden track "Still Life of Peace".

Machine Fish Galactic Cowboys - Machine Fish (Metal Blade) 1996

1.   "Feel the Rage" (3:12)
2.   "Struggle" (5:54)
3.   "Fear Not" (5:03)
4.   "Stress" (4:35)
5.   "Psychotic Companion" (7:32)
6.   "In This Life" (3:13)
7.   "Easy to Love" (4:08)
8.   "Red Sun" (4:58)
9.   "Idle Minds" (4:11)
10. "Lens" (5:24)
11. "Pattin' Yourself on the Back" (3:45)
12. "In a Lonely Room" (4:45)
13. "9th of June (Do You Believe)" (5:23)
14.  "Arrow" (6:57)

New guitarist Wally Farkas and new record label, Metal Blade, bring some new life to a band that was a bit discouraged. The band's sound has been altered a bit, the vocal harmonies and guitar symphonies have been replaced with a more aggressive heavy metal approach, but the Cowboys still sound like the Cowboys. Inventive songwriting facilitates on this, their third album, on standouts such as "Feel the Rage,"Psychotic Companion," and "Struggle." The last song "Arrow" is a great piano ballad. "Machine Fish" may not be their best, but it certainly is not slug either.

Feel the Rage Galactic Cowboys - Feel the Rage (Metal Blade) 1996

1.   "Feel the Rage" (3:13)
2.   "Paradigm Shift" (7:28)
3.   "I Want You" (4:12)
4.   "Junior's Farm" (5:15)
5.   "Idle Minds" [live] (4:29)
6.   "9th of June" [live] (6:15)

The "Feel the Rage" EP contains the title track, a song from "Machine Fish," plus two live cuts ("Idle Minds," "9th of June"), two covers (Kiss' "I Want You," Paul McCartney's "Junior's Farm") and the excellent unreleased studio cut "Paradign Shift." The cover songs are excellent, especially "I Want You," a song originally recorded for the Kiss My Ass tribute to KISS. I'm not sure why it was not used, but their rendition is fantastic. "Feel the Rage" is one stinking aggressive song. I've heard people say that the Cowboys are wimpy, apparently they haven't heard much of them. I found two of these for $1.99 each, so I bought 'em both and traded one. This is the ONLY Galactic Cowboys disc I did not buy as a new release. Not sure why? Hmm...

The Horse that Bud Bought Galactic Cowboys - The Horse the Bud Bought (Metal Blade) 1997

1.   "Tilt-A-Whirl" (3:22)
2.   "Evil Twin" (3:07)
3.   "Oregon" (4:31)
4.   "Buzz (Coughing)" (1:25)
5.   'Tomorrow" (4:49)
6.   "Ribbon" (5:03)
7.   "Breakthrough" (3:38)
8.   "Bound" (4:36)
9.   "Media Slant" (3:10)
10. "Mona Lisa" (6:08)
11. "I Can't Wait" (3:26)
12. "Trip on Love" (4:05)
13. "You've Changed" (3:43)
14. "My Life" (6:00)

1997 and the Galactic Cowboys continue to stay in a class of their own, mixing progressive metal with rich layered vocal harmonies, freakish guitar rhythms, and intelligent, yet sometimes funny, lyrics. "Evil Twin" is a hilarious song and an even funnier video, as well as one of the best songs on the disc. "Tomorrow" gives off a bit of a negative vibe towards the music industry, as the Cowboys continue to struggle in the underground when their music deserves to be selling tons more than some of the garbage being pushed by the big labels.

At the End of the Day Galactic Cowboys - At the End of the Day (Metal Blade) 1998

1.   "Nothing To Say" (4:36)
2.   "Ants" (4:05)
3.   "Just Like Me" (4:29)
4.   "Machine Fish Suite: Where Do I Sign?" (2:49)
5.   "Machine Fish Suite: Bright Horizons" (1:23)
6.   "Machine Fish Suite: Puppet Show" (5:12)
7.   "Machine Fish Suite: Mr. Magnet" (2:59)
8.   "Machine Fish Suite: Never Understand" (4:18)
9.   "Machine Fish Suite: Ranch On Mars, Pt.2" (4:19)
10.   "Machine Fish Suite: How Does It Feel?" (3:32)
11.   "Young Man's Dream" (4:42)
12.   "Shine" (4:10)
13.   "Shape" (3:46)
14.   "It's Not Over" (4:49)
15.   "Through" (7:20)
16.   "At The End Of The Day" -instrumental (3:09)

Album opener "Nothing To Say" is one of the best songs the Galactic Cowboys have ever written. Killer riffing. The lengthy Machine Fish suite is also quite interesting as it has loads of references to past albums yet is quite original. Once again, throughout this disc the layered vocal harmonies sound awesome.

Let It Go Galactic Cowboys - Let It Go (Metal Blade) 2000

1. "opening" (1:13)
2. "T.I.M." (3:34)
3. "A Different Way" (3:32)
4. "Life and Times" (4:33)
5. "Flag" (3:15)
6. "Disney's Spinnin'" (4:35)
7. "Hey Mr." (5:51)
8. "Another Hill" (4:49)
9. "Dirty Hands" (3:31)
10. "Boom!" (1:20)
11. "Ordinary" (2:52)
12. "Internalize" (2:43)
13. "Swimming in December" (10:28)
14. "Song for Sybo" (2:51)
15. "Future" (3:31)
16. "Bucket of Chicken" (2:42)
17. "The Record Ends" (12:33)

Appropriately titled since this will be the last Cowboys platter, or so the band has said. In any case, "Let It Go" is another superb, art-metal release. As with past releases there are tons of excellent, layered vocal melodies laid on top of some of the heaviest guitar tones laid down on tape. There is a variety of influences and emotions on this disc, from full-throttle speed metal, to jazzy interludes, to the more ambient space rock of the band's first two discs. There is even an occasional punk vibe. Too bad these guys never really got the recognition they deserve, because they are really a unique band with a sound all their own, despite the fact that they are often labeled King's X clones. Having said that, I must note that King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill performs much of the drums on this disc. My personal favorite track off "Let Go" is "Disney's Spinnin'." Not only is it a great song musically, but it also has a very intense message about the state of our world. I still have not made it all the way through "The Record Ends" without shutting the disc off, as this song is mostly just a bunch of noises and such. Despite this minor complaint, Galactic Cowboys' final platter is not just a compilation of leftover ideas, but shows that band still had something to prove.

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