Gama Bomb Gama Bomb

Survival of the Fastest Gama Bomb - Survival of the Fastest (Witches Brew) 2006

1. "Zombie Creeping Flesh" (2:41)
2. "Steel Teeth (The Metal Jaw)" (2:45)
3. "Zombie Kommand" (2:49)
4. "Atomizer" (3:13)
5. "Fortified Zone" (2:15)
6. "Racists!" (3:33)
7. "Scientists?" (2:39)
8. "Hell Trucker" (2:14)
9. "Nuke the Skeets" (:13)
10. "Skellington Crew" (3:06)
11. "Bullet Belt " (3:49)
BONUS TRACKS (2003 demo: "The Survival Option")
12. "The Survival Option (2:10)
13. "M.A.D." (2:34)

In the song "Bullet Belt" Gama Bomb spout out these lyrics, "Thrash titans of yesteryear, they have failed us with their recent piss. We reject their progressive dross and call it the rot that it truly is...It's time to fill the thrash vacuum like it '86. Put on your bullet belt...thrash your brains or go away." And that pretty much sums up what Gama Bomb is all about. Upon first receiving this CD from this British thrash band I wondered if this was a re-release of an underground thrash album I was unaware of form the late 80's. The songwriting, the tones, the recording, etc. It has that same quality that longtime thrash fans long for. However, Gama Bomb are a recent band and this release was recorded in 2005. The songs are fast and catchy being quite memorable and the riffs reminds me of bands like Agent Steel, Nuclear Assault and a touch of old Overkill. They also remind me slightly of another underground band from the 80's called Martyr. Yes, this is old school thrash. Not even a hint of metalcore going on here. The vocals fit the music well. Philly Byrne's vocal style is that of aggression and charisma over finesse and technique. Modern power metal fans will probably not like his style, but those longing for the old school, underground, metal sound will be pleased. The band also makes good use of gang vocals. The eleven tracks for this album clock in at only twenty nine minutes. By today's standards this would constitute an EP. However, in the days of vinyl, this indeed was a full length. Since all the material is strong, I'd rather have it this way, than an album I get bored with halfway through.

Zombi Brew
Gama Bomb - Zombi Brew / Black Sister - Unholy Driver
(Problem Records) 2007

Black Sister

4. "Unholy Driver"
Gama Bomb

1. "Zombie Brew"
2. "Maniac"
3. "Frightmare On Hell Street"

A special edition, 7" black vinyl, limited to 200 copies. Two new thrashers from Gama Bomb, as well as a cover of The Dangerfields. A nice collector's EP for any thrash maniac. (thanks Kieran)

Citizen Brain Gama Bomb - Citizen Brain (Earache Records) 2008

1. Zombie Blood Nightmare" (2:38)
2. Evil Voices" (2:34)
3. Final Fight" (2:48)
4. Time Crime" (2:26)
5. Global Warming" (2:29)
6. OCP" (:41)
7. Hammer Slammer" (3:18)
8. Sentenced to Thrash" (3:12)
9. Zombi Brew" (2:29)
10. Hell Trucker" (2:19)
11. Return of the Technodrome" (2:19)
12. Thrashaholic" (2:10)
13. In the Court of General Zod" (2:47)
14. Space Invaders" (2:50)
15. Bullet Belt " (3:28)

Full length album number two for Gama Bomb and the old school thrash metal/crossover continues. With disc number two Gama Bomb have succeeded in growing as musicians and improving the production without losing that young, hungry edge and aggression. The songs are still full throttle thrash assaults without any swerving into groove, death or metalcore territories. With song lengths staying under three minutes, and most around two minutes, it's pretty obvious that Gama Bomb aren't out to write the next progressive thrash masterpiece. Rather, these songs can be considered short burst of spastic energy. As well, with song titles like "Zombie Blood Nightmare", "Zombi Brew" and "Space Invaders", it's pretty obvious that Gama Bomb doesn't take themselves too seriously. At the same time, this band delivers. Guitarists Luke Graham and Domo Dixon thrash through plenty speedy riffs and fast solos. The bass and drums are tight and delivered at lightning speed. Lead vocalist Philly Byrne utilizes a clean, slightly gruff, shouted style that works well with this band. Together they have created yet another fine thrash metal album to add to the collection.

Tales from the Grave in Space Gama Bomb - Tales from the Grave in Space (Earache) 2009

1.     Slam Anthem (2:34)
2.     New Eliminators of Atlantis B.C. (3:05)
3.     Three Witches (2:39)
4.     Last Ninjas Unite (2:16)
5.     Escape from Scarecrow Mountain (2:35)
6.     Mussolini Mosh (1:12)
7.     We Respect You (2:28)
8.     Apocalypse 1997 (2:32)
9.     Return to Blood Castle (2:43)
10.   Polterghost (2:50)
11.   Skeletron (3:08)
12.   Mummy Invasion (2:48)

"Citizen Brain" was a big leap forward musically over the band's self-released debut, with stronger songwriting, catchier melodies and improved production. "Tales From The Grave In Space" is a continuation of the direction from "Citizen Brain". On my first few listens I didn't pick up any immediate standout cuts. As a matter of fact, it took me several listens to really begin to decipher anything from this album. There are some albums I can listen to once and the words for a review begin to pour out. Others, such as this CD, it takes me several listens to begin to formulate an opinion. The problem here is the same as a lot of young thrash bands on the scene currently, it's all about "thrash, thrash, thrash, for thrash sake" with little regard to melody or memorable songwriting. The songs are all fast and short, clocking in at three minutes or under. As such the songs seem to fly by before you even get the chance to really get into them.

Overall, the mood is manic but fun, the drums panicked, the bass frantic and the solos are wild, reminding me of the classic days of punk-inspired, crossover thrash bands such as Nuclear Assault and D.R.I. Vocalist Philly Byrne sings like a demon banshee throughout the record. Gama Bomb are all about speed and intensity. Yes, that's the point. It's thrash metal, not rocket science. As much as I point out the lack of immediate hooks, I found myself revisiting this album several times in the first week of owning it, addicted to the manic mood and fun feel of the band. Try cranking this one in your car and see if it doesn't bring on a plethora of speeding tickets. Basically, with "Tales From the Grave in Space" Gama Bomb deliver their brand of punk-infused, energetic, crossover, thrash metal. If in the future they somehow manage to incorporate more memorable hooks into their manic formula they will conquer and destroy.

Terror Tapes Gama Bomb ‎– The Terror Tapes (AFM Records) 2013

1.   The Wrong Stuff (3:20)
2.   Legend of Speed (2:23)
3.   Backwards Bible (3:29)
4.   Beverly Hills Robocop (4:21)
5.   Smoke the Blow with Willem Dafoe (1:17)
6.   We Started the Fire (3:13)
7.   Terrorscope (3:13)
8.   The Cannibals Are in the Streets - All Flesh Must Be Eaten (3:47)
9.   Shitting Yourself to Live (0:21)
10. Matrioshka Brain (3:45)
11. Metal Idiot (2:20)
12. Wrecking Ball (4:33)
Northern Ireland's thrash metal exports just keep delivering the goods with each new release. They never really stray from what they are known for, blistering, punk-infused, head-banging, humor-riddled, thrash metal. Each and every song is like a sledgehammer to the head driven by rapid fire drums, crunchy riffs, and punk-like vocals. As has been the case with the last few Gama Bomb records is the crystal clear recording quality thanks to producer Scott "Big Soup' Atkins. Atkins manages to capture the band's raw heavy sound so that every instrument is heard without over-producing. "The Terror Tapes" is yet another exercise in manic thrash metal fun! I picked up the limited edition green vinyl German pressing of "The Terror Tapes". 

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