Celestial Messenger Gaskin - End of the World/No Way Out (British Steel) 1981/1982/1996

End of the World
1. "Sweet Dream Maker" (3:49)
2. "Victim Of The City" (6:16)
3. "Despiser" (5:27)
4. "Burning Alive" (4:28)
5. "The Day Thou Gavest Lord Has Ended" (1:46)
6. "End Of The World" (3:32)
7. "On My Way" (3:08)
8. "Lonely Man" (4:41)
9. "I'm No Fool" (3:23)
10. "Handful Of Reasons" (7:00)
No Way Out
11. "Dirty Money" (3:40)
12. "Freeman" (3:23)
13. "Just Like A Movie Star" (3:06)
14. "Say Your Last Word" (3:53)
15. "Broken Up" (3:51)
16. "Ready For Love" (3:42)
17. "Come Back To Me" (4:25)
18. "High Crime Zone" (2:45)
19. "Queen Of Flames" (3:29)
20. "No Way Out" (3:20)

There were so many great, relatively unknown bands that were part of the early 1980's NWOBHM movement. Gaskin were one of those that never rose to the level of success of bands like Tygers of Pan Tang, Raven, Samson, Diamond Head, etc. (Perhaps if Metallica had covered one of their songs...) Anyhow, the band's sound featured harmonized melodic vocals laid atop standard British heavy metal. Unfortunately for many NWOBHM bands they are nearly always compared to the more popular bands of the time despite the fact that bands like Gaskin existed at the same time as many of the greats. Gaskin didn't have a rough sound, or even the speed of other NWOBHM bands like Raven, Venom or early Maiden, but rather featured a more refined sound like early Def Leppard or the second Tokyo Blade album. Reading through the bio included in the booklet, it seems that guitarist Paul Gaskin wanted to avoid "being labeled a heavy metal band" and wanted to "expand" the bands hard rock sound.

Of the two albums featured on this CD reissue, "End of the World" is the sure winner. One of the reasons for this may be that the line-up changed from one album to the next with only founding member, guitarist, vocalist Paul Gaskin and drummer Dave Norman remaining on "No Way Out".

The CD reissue features all twenty tracks from both full length Gaskin albums. The 6 page insert features a short biography and discography. Unfortunately there aren't any photos.

Many years later, founder/namesake Paul Gaskin recruited a new lineup and released "Stand Or Fall" in 2000 (not yet reviewed here) though they haven't been heard from since.

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