the Gathering

Nighttime Birds The Gathering-Nighttime Birds (Century Media)

1. "On Most Surfaces" (6:52)
2. "Confusion" (6:30)
3. "The May Song" (3:43)
4. "The Earth Is My Witness" (5:31)
5. "New Moon Different Day" (6:06)
6. "Third Chance" (5:26)
7. "Kevin's Telescope" (3:22)
8. "Nighttime Birds" (6:55)
9. "Shrink" (3:59)

I really like this band but am at a loss of words when it comes to describing it. The Gathering are heavy, but also very melodic, yet not in a commercial or pop way. It sort of like progressive metal meets doom metal. The female vocals are mesmerizing and along with the slow, yet dynamic music creates a mood that is hard to put into words. I don't listen to this disc alot, but if I am in the right mood, this disc is downright captivating.

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