Gator Country
Gator Country
Gator Country is an American Southern rock band formed in Davie, Florida in 2005 by several founding members of the Southern rock group Molly Hatchet. The band, founded by vocalist Jimmy Farrar, gutarist Duane Roland, drummer Bruce Crump, guitarist Steve Holland, and bassist Riff West took its name from the title of the popular Hatchet song of the same name. On Monday, June 19, 2006, founding guitarist Duane Roland died at his home in St. Augustine, Florida at the age of 53. Guitarist Paul Chapman (UFO, Waysted) joined the band in July 2006.

Gator Country
Gator Country - Live
(GWP Records) 2008

1.   Bounty Hunter (3:20)
2.   It's All Over Now (4:04)
3.   Gator Country (8:12)
4.   Whiskey Man (4:10)
5.   Intro To Dreams (1:39
6.   Dreams I'll Never See (7:46)
7.   Bloody Reunion (4:30)
8.   Beatin' The Odds (3:50)
9.   One Man's Pleasure (3:53)
10. Flirtin' With Disaster (6:36)
11. Long Tall Sally (3:15)
12. Boogie No More (8:20)
13. Oh, Atlanta (4:06)

Linni Disse, Jimmy Farrar, Riff West, Steve Holland

Gator Country are basically the other Molly Hatchet running the rock 'n' roll circuit. Of course longtime Molly Hatchet guitarist Bobby Ingram has kept the Hatchet name alive all these decades since the original members moved on. Original Molly Hatchet founding member Dave Hlubeck also returned to the Hatchet fold keeping the Southern Rock flag flying high. Meantime, in Florida, former Molly Hatchet members Bruce Crump (drums), Duane Roland (guitar), Steve Holland (guitar), Riff West (bass) and Jimmy Farrar (vocals) formed Gator Country, obviously named after the classic song of the same name. Together with guitarist Linni Disse, the triple-guitar-attack was back in action and the band recorded the single "Oh Atlanta", which is included a bonus track on this live disc. Unfortunately it would be the only recording for original guitarist Duane Roland who passed away on June 19, 2006.

After Roland's passing the band then added former UFO guitarist Paul Chapman and finally recorded this live album featuring mostly Molly Hatchet originals and a handful of covers. The CD showcases a raw, heavy rock and roll sound, not unlike what fans would expect from these Southern rock legends. Farrar sounds as good as he did back in the mid-80's when he toured for such albums as "Beatin' The Odds" and "Take No Prisoners". While I can't say for sure, this disc sound very live. In other words, it doesn't sound like the band went back into the studio to fix the rubs.

Most of the classics are here, including an extended jam on "Gator Country" and a nice instrumental intro to Greg Allman's "Dreams I'll Never See". Of course this song has long been a part of
Hatchet rich history since the band recorded it and made it their own in 1978. Vocalist Jimmy Farrar offers a heartfelt dedication of the song to fallen Molly Hatchet veterans Duane Roland and Danny Joe Brown. The band also charges through a cover of Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally".

"Live" is a nice way to introduce Gator Country back to the world. Now they just need to record a new album of all originals.

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