12 Gauge Goddo - 12 Guage Goddo: Blasts from the Past (Justin Entertainment) 1990

1. Was It Somethin’ I Said? (4:00)
2. Drop Dead (That’s Who) (2:45)
3. Sweet Thing (3:44)
4. Oh Carole (Kiss My Whip) (3:16)
5. Too Much Carousing (4:30)
6. Under My Hat (4:46)
7. The Bus Driver Blues (4:36)
8. Anacanapanacana (3:08)
9. So Walk On (5:11)
10. Chantal (3:42)
11. Sign On The Line (5:39)
12. There Goes My Baby (4:33)
13. Tough Times (2:18)
14. Cock On (4:01)
15. Quicksand (4:29)

Heralded as heroes of hard rock in Canada, this band formed by singerbassist Greg Godovitz is practically unknown in the U.S. and abroad.  The band formed in 1975 and released a string of albums. This compilation compiles songs mostly from three albums, "Goddo", "Who Cares" and "Act of Goddo". There is nothing presented from "Best Seat In The House" or "Pretty Bad Boys". That said, this compilation is still a solid group of songs from the Canuck rockers. 

Goddo's sound is mostly straight-forward 1970's style hard rock. Some have described them as boogie rock, comparing them to Foghat. At times I can hear that comparison, such as in songs like "Cock On" but it's a stretch to say that Goddo sound the same. At times I am reminded of the mighty T.Rex, especially on songs like the ultra-hooky "Sweet Thing" and the campy "Oh Carole (Kiss My Whip)". Album opener "Was It Somethin' I Said?" actually has a slight Southern Rock vibe.  Greg Godovotiz has a very campy sense of humor that is apparent in his lyrics, which should be apparent by some of the song titles. As well there are a few songs that break the mold such as the ballad "Chantal" and the acoustic guitar driven "Tough Times", complete with violins. Overall, "12 Guage" is a decent compilation of a vastly underrated rock band. 

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