Swedish thrash metal!

Welcome to the Suffer Age Gooseflesh-Welcome to the Suffer Age (Goldtrack)

1. "Suffer Age" (4:34)
2. "Blinded" (3:50)
3. "Killing Stone" (3:44)
4. "Seeds of Terror" (3:06)
5. "Fine Tuned War Machine" (5:12)

Gooseflesh are one of those bands that manage to retain a bit of melody while being heavy as a freight train going down the tracks at full throttle. The vocals vary from clean, but aggressive, shouting and singing to more growly thrash vox. The band wears their influences on their sleeves, noding to such bands as Sepultura and especially Pantera, but still remain somewhat original. I'm sure they won't be breaking down any new doors, but they do give five tracks of pure aggression and metal fury

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