Mindloss Gorefest - Mindloss (Pavement Music) 1991

1. "Intro" 1:03
2. "Metal Misery" 5:05
3. "The Putrid Stench Of Human Remains" 4:18
4. "Foetal Carnage" 5:02
5. "Tangled In Gore" 4:34
6. "Confessions Of A Serial Killer" 5:33
7. "Horrors In A Retarded Mind" 4:00
8. "Loss Of Flesh" 3:45
9. "Decomposed" 5:51
10. "Gorefest" 4:01

If I am not mistaken, this CD was initially released by the band in 1991 on their own Foundation Records. After being picked up by Nuclear Blast that same year, the label decided to re-release "Mindloss" in 1993. It was also released in the USA by Pavement Music, which is the copy I own. Musically this is straight forward, grunt and grind death metal. Personally I like this style of headbaning metal a bit more than the so-called "new brutal death bands". The tempos of the songs range from fast and aggressive to a heavy mid-pace. Even the slower songs are crushingly heavy. "Horrors in a Retarted Mind" is a good example as this song is slow, plodding and could almost be described as doom. (not unlike some Paramaecium.) However, this is more the exception than not, as most tracks are full throttle death metal romps. On top of heavily downtuned guitars, there are some nice classic metal soloing. I wouldn't have minded hearing a bit more of this throughout the disc. The vocals are typical of 90's death metal with those low, deep growls, although a bit more understandable than some of the newer growlers. Not a bad start for a band that was at this point an independent artist.

False Gorefest - False (Nuclear Blast) 1991

1. "Glorious Dead" (4:36)
2. "State of Mind" (5:37)
3. "Reality - When You Die" (6:33)
4. "Get-A-Life" (4:27)
5. "False" (4:37)
6. "Second Face" (5:18)
7. "Infamous Existence" (5:41)
8. "From Ignorance to Oblivion" (5:00)
9. "Mass Insanity" (4:18)

Got this as part of the double disc with Mortification's "Scrolls of the Megilloth." Like Scrolls, "False" is heavy downtuned death metal with low gutteral vocals. Since the vocals are not understandable, and no lyrics were included in this promotional cd, I have no clue what the lyrics are about, although I have a feeling from the band name and song titles, that they are typical of this scene. Not a bad disc really. I probably would never have picked up a band called Gorefest without it being attached to Mortification. Now, however, I am keeping my eye open for other Gorefest discs.

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