Steve Hackett
Steve Hackett is best known as the guitarist of Genesis from 1971 to 1977. He left for a solo career in late '77. His solo career never really took off and he was mostly supported by die-hard Genesis fans. He later forming GTR in 1986 with Yes guitarist Steve Howe and vocalist Max Bacon.

Guitar Noir Steve Hackett - Guitar Noir (Viceroy) 1994

1. "Lost in Your Eyes"(4:11)
2. "In the Heart of the City" (4:32)
3. "Sierra Quemada" (5:02)
4. "Vampyre With a Healthy Appetite" (5:11)
5. "Take These Pearls" (4:12)
6. "Little America" (4:40)
7. "There Are Many Sides to the Night" (6:55)
8. "Walking Away from Rainbows" (3:10)
9. "Like an Arrow" (2:49)
10. "Dark as the Grave" (4:37)
11. "Paint Your Picture" (2:57)
12. "Tristesse" (3:57)

Steve Hackett sure can paint a beautiful picture with his guitar. This particular album tends to be less progressive than I remember much of his late 70's and 80's albums, but he is still a master of his instrument. Steve offers a one line commentary about each song with themes ranging from  the life of a prostitute to the onslaught of television in the household to  a tune about stolen pints of blood from a New Orlean's hospital. The thing is, however, that the subject matter is no where near as important or even as interesting as the music. Hackett is a great guitarist! I often wonder what Genesis would sound like if he were to reunite with them now that they are no longer under the pop-reign of Phil Collins. Hmm.  I found this import in the Genesis discs at Circuit City for $4.99.

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