Father & Son Hallowed-End of the Age (Little Rose) 2001

1. "End of the Age" (4:04)
2. "The Challenge" (4:03)
3. "The Chosen One" (4:18)
4. "Jesus Christ" (4:44)
5. "New Millenium" (3:19)

Hallowed is a Finish band that look like some Disney pretty boy band (ie. N'Sync/Backstreet Crap). Short, stylish haircuts with the exception of vocalist Michale Majalahti, who has shoulder length hair. So, he must be the rebel of the band. Ah, but let us not judge by appearances for the music contained herein is pure heavy metal. The band has some obvious musical influences in Blind Guardian and especially in Stratovarious. Lyrically the band espouses their Christian beliefs, but without coming of as corny. (i.e. There are not references to "rocking for the Rock.") This being their first EP, I am anxious to hear what else they come up with because this is a spectacular start

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