This Violent Earth HavocHate - This Violent Earth (Indecent Media) 2003

1.    This Violent Earth (4:08)    
2.    Years of Abhorrence (:17)    
3.    Vindication (4:16)    
4.    When God Dies (3:56)    
5.    Cyclical Life (3:54)    
6.    Right to Die (3:52)    
7.    Kill or be Killed (3:55)    
8.    Pull the Plug (4:01)    
9.    Drenched in Sweat (3:46)    
10.  Remind Me (3:56)

HavocHate’s debut is a mixture of heavy metal and thrash metal. They meld together a classic metal vibe  with some old school thrash and a ton of newer metal influences. It’s almost as if someone combined Black Sabbath with Overkill, Testament and Pantera and came out with “This Violent Earth”. Freddy Ordine and Mario Rodriguez are more than competent guitarists and crank out some tasty riffs and licks. Vocalist John Mallek steers clear of the all too popular death metal growl and instead shouts out in a clean but almost punk-like fury.  Old school thrash purists may be put off by the newer influences. There are certainly some of those stop/start Pantera-ish riffs mixed in, but there is enough old school vibe to satisfy most fans of traditional metal and thrash.

This would be the one and only album for original vocalist Tim Mallek. Testament bassist Greg Christian went on to join the band after the release of "This Violent Earth". It’s also worth mentioning that James Murphy, of Testament fame, had a hand in this album as producer and even performed some guest guitar parts.

Cycle of Pain HavocHate - Cycle of Pain (Indecent Media) 2005

1. "Garden" (4:37)
2. "Cycle Of Pain" (4:31)
3. "Fiction" (5:01)
4. "Tentacle" (7:52)
5. "Still Alive" (4:58)
6. "Speak No More" (4:13)
7. "Crack In The Sky" (3:57)
8. "Alone" (3:08)
9. "Wicked" (2:38)
10. "Rotting Hour" (3:07)

"Cycle of Pain" is an intense metal experience that combines elements of thrash metal with some progressive, melodic and groove metal leanings. HavocHate successfully manage to maintain an old school metal feel, despite having many modern influences. At different points in the CD I was reminded of bands like Tourniquet, Overkill, Testament, Grip Inc. and Pantera. The precision axework of Freddy Ordine and Mario Rodriguez is a winning factor in this CD. Biting riffs, thick grooves, along with some impressive soloing combine for a powerful metal experience. What really makes this CD come alive is the vocals of Time Bouchee. Tim proves himself to be a capable vocalist with a wide range of styles; from ear piercing screams to deep growls to a mid range melodic approach. Combine this with the powerhouse drums of Ronnie Lipnicki (ex-Hades, Overkill) and bass work of Greg Christian (Testament) and you have one heavy band. Songs like "Still Alive," "Alone" and "Crack In The Sky" should have any self-respecting metal fan head banging. How crap like Lamb of God gains international acclaim while bands like HavocHate remain in the underground on an indie label is a mystery. Unlike the crop of trend following metalcore bands currently labeling themselves heavy metal, HavocHate represents the true spirit of modern US heavy metal.

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