Fight for your Life Hear 'n Aid - Starz (Vertigo Japan) 1986

1. "Stars" by Hear 'N Aid (7:18)
2. "Up To The Limit" [live] Accept (5:05)
3. "On The Road" [live] Motorhead (4:57)
4. "Distant Early Warning" [live] Rush (5:09)
5. "Heaven's On Fire" [live] Kiss (4:24)
6. "Can You See Me" Jimi Hendrix (2:29)
7. "Hungry For Heaven" [live] Dio (4:47)
8. "Go For The Throat" Y&T (4:35)
9. "The Zoo" [live] Scorpions (6:16)

A charity project for famine relief in Africa. The project was led by Ronnie James Dio, and included 40 notable 80's heavy metal and rock bands/artists including members of Judas Priest, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Blue Öyster Cult, Rough Cutt, Twisted Sister, Dokken, Ted Nugent, Yngwie Malmsteen, W.A.S.P., Spinal Tap, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Queensryche, Black Sabbath, Journey and many more. The one song all these various people recorded together was "Stars", a sing-along anthem with a smokin', extended lead break featuring some of metal's finest guitar wizards who lay down 12 bars each. Without a doubt the most obvious shredder on the song is Yngwie, who's style contrasts the others yet works well in the song. The vocals are all suberb as one might expect, showing how the 80's metal scene had a diverse, talented group of singers. Unlike todays nu-metal and metalcore bands who seem to all share the same guys shouting. Gripes aside, this song helped to collect in excess of $1 million for famine relief. On top of this song, several live cuts by some of metal's finest were included, as well as an unreleased studio cut by Jimi Hendrix. This is an essential collection for any metal fan. Unfortunately this was only officially released on CD in Japan.

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