Heavy Metal Army

An Axe To Grind Heavy Metal Army - Heavy Metal Army 1 (Hot Metal) 1981

1. Heavy Metal Army (4:44)
2. Yes or No (4:19)
3. Changeling (4:03
4. Retaliation (6:15)
5. Rockin' Long Spell of Rain (5:16
6. Street Seller (4:34)
7. That's Hammurabian Police (03:35
8. Bird of Destiny (5:47)

Heavy Metal Army were a very short lived Japanese "supergroup" featuring members of semi-popular bands out of Japan. Their debut (and only) album was released in 1981 and titled "Heavy Metal Army 1".  As might be expected, the English lyrics are a little bit ackward, as I am sure English was not their first language. Song titles like "Rockin' Long Spell of Rain" and "That's Hammurabian Police" are an indication of the odd and sometimes humorous lyrical content. Musically, however, Heavy Metal Army combines Japanese flavors with a healthy dose of early NWOBHM sounds and a heaping helping of some obvious influences first wavers like Rainbow and Deep Purple. Classic rock song structures, sing-along choruses and Keyboard player Yuki Nukajima adding an old school feel with this Jon Lord Hammond organ and synths. It must also be noted that guitarist Shiniki Sugama clearly studied his Ritchie Blackmore records, showing off plenty of those fancy Blackmore-inspired licks and fretboard tricks. This style of heavy metal is something that many modern (young) metal fans wouldn't even label as heavy metal. Most would shrug it off as "just hard rock." However, for those who enjoy the late 70's/early 80's style of heavy metal, Heavy Metal Army is a gem, albeit a bit of an obscurity. 

Originally pressed on vinyl, the CD pressing is part of the "Jewels of 80ies Metal" series from Hot Metal Records and was released in 1993.

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