Highland Glory

Forever Endeavoru Highland Glory - Forever Endeavour (FaceFront) 2005

1.   Spirit Of Salvation (5:36)
2.   Break The Silence (3:43)
3.   Edge Of Time (4:44)
4.   Mindgame Masquerade (4:52)
5.   The Sacrifice (4:36)
6.   Surreality (5:55)
7.   Forever Endeavour (5:22)
8.   Real Life (3:57)
9.   Somewhere (4:47)
10. Demon Of Damnation (8:10)

Highland Glory are a Norwegian power metal band that formed in the ashes of Phoenix Rizing in 2001. Their debut album "From The Cradle To The Brave" was released in 2003. This was their sophomore release from 2005 released in Scandinavia on the Face Front label, The album was also picked up by Massacre Records for distribution in Europe. The European release has three bonus tracks, all covers;  "Wild Child" (W.A.S.P.), "Love Gun" (Kiss) and "The Trooper" (Iron Maiden). 

"Forever Endeavour" is packed full of galloping, full-throttle power metal that is heavily influenced by early Helloween and perhaps some of the other German metal bands from the 80's such as Rage and Running Wild. The album opens with a short piano intro before bursting into the strong, galloping "Spirit of Salvation". Vocalist Jan Thore Grefstad makes his presence known thirty seconds into the song with a couple powerhouse screams. "Mindgame Masquerade" and "Surreality" are the songs that reminded me of Running Wild with their melodic solos and sea-shanty like melodies. "Somewhere" is the token ballad on the album, a haunting song that reminded me of Savatage. The song builds from a piano-led number to a heavy power ballad with Grefstad singing his heart out. The slight rasp in his voice reinforces the Savatage comparison 

Highland Glory aren't really doing anything new or innovative with "Forever Endeavour" and they tend to wear some of their influences on their sleeves. However, they are playing the style of music that they love and playing it very well.

My copy was obtained for me by a good friend in Norway. It is even signed by the band. (Thanks kmorg.)

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