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The thrash metal band Hirax was formed in California in 1984 by vocalist Katon W. DePena, bassist Gary Monardo, guitarist Bob Savage and drummer Brian Keith. After an early demo one of their tracks ended up on the Metal Massacre VI compilation. After DePena quit the band in 1986 to later form Phantasm they rehearsed with former Exodus vocalist Paul Baloff for a while until he left to form Piranha. Hirax soon folded. In late 1987 the band reformed with the original line-up and the following year a three track demo was recorded. Tracks from this demo later on ended up on the "Blasted In Bangkok" single. A final reunion took place in the year 1999. Eventually only DePena remained from the original band and ex-Deliverance/Steel Vengeance guitarist Glenn Rogers was added to the fold. Together with Glenn the band released one of their finest albums to date titled "The New Age of Terror" in 2004. In '05 the band began recording demos for their follow-up CD. However, on November 23rd, 2005, the band cancelled their upcoming Japanese tour following the departure of Glenn Rogers (lead guitars), Angelo Espino (bass), Dave Chedrick (drums) and Dave Watson (lead guitars). In 2006 DePena announced that his new band featuring Lance Harrison-guitars and John Tabares-drums were about to record a new CD titled "Assassins of War". Soon after, Glenn Rogers (Once Dead) rejoined the fold as well. Finally in 2009, a new full length CD was released titled "El Rostro De La Muerte".

Ex-Hirax members Glenn Rogers and Angelo Espino joined Once Dead in 2006. The two later joined the reformed Heretic in 2011.

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